4th Division (Word of Blake)

4th Division (Word of Blake) logo.png
4th Division IV-Iota
Disbanded 3078
Nickname Blake's Boldest
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Word of Blake Militia


Formation and Operation ODYSSEUS[edit]

The next to last group of the first five Blake Guard divisions formed, the Fourth Division underwent training at Camp Sims.[1]

Assigned to Task Force Steel during Operation ODYSSEUS, the Fourth targeted the British Isles and Western Europe, focusing the bulk of their attention taking the Sandhurst Royal Military College. While quickly capturing the facility with relatively minimal losses, over fifty Com Guard 'Mechs were able to escape, leading to a series of running battles across the British Isles. While taking heavy damage, the Fourth's efforts were bolstered by the arrival of the Blakists' then-Precentor Martial Trent Arian and were ultimately successful in defeating the defenders.[2][3]

As of 3062, the 4th Division was posted to Sian, China on Terra.[4]


The unit was one of three Divisions which were deployed off Terra. The unit was split into rapid response units, provided enough JumpShip and DropShip assets to redeploy where needed. The ComStar reports indicate the planets the unit was covering included Elgin, Hsien, New Canton, and Saiph as of 3067.[5]

In actuality Word of Blake forces were securing the worlds as part their efforts to form the Protectorate. On Saiph, The Wanderers III was responsible for the troubled Saiph Triumvirate government "accepting" an invitation in the Word of Blake Protectorate. This brought the member worlds of Tall Trees and New Canton into the Protectorate as well. Members of the Division arrived to help secure the old Saiph Triumvirate member worlds. Two previously unreported Level III of the 4th appeared, the Keepers of the Gates III-Beta and the Renewed Faith III-Alpha help secure Tall Trees with elements of the 3rd Division.[6] On Tall Trees, the Fourth fought elements of ComStar's 83rd Division.[7]


In 3068, The Wanderers and the Keepers of the Gates were sent secure world of Hsien for Hsien Hotheads' commander Colonel Brenn Twohy, to install him as Word of Blake's leader for that world.

In July 3069, entire 4th Division launched planetary assault against world of Bharat, taking the world for the Protectorate. After securing the planet, the unit became a roaming training and ready-response unit for local protectorate worlds.[8] It was reported in the Lyran media in March 3077 that the 4th was responsible for recapturing Yorii after the allied coalition had captured the world during Operation SCOUR and garrisoned it with second-line forces predominantly drawn from the Lyran Alliance.[9]

During the assault on Terra the Fourth Division guarded Geneva. After facing Andrew Redburn's task force, the Fourth broke out of Geneva and led the Coalition forces on an 800 km chase through the Alps mountain range. Using the terrain to their advantage, the Fourth staged numerous ambushes and whittled down the Coalition troops. When the Com Guard Sixth Army and 5th Lyran Guards blocked their route to the east, the Fourth turned north to Bratislatva. There they took the high ground and launched artillery and sniper attacks on the Coalition forces. Stone's Liberators and the Fox's Teeth took the two main strongholds, and the Fourth lost most of its troops in the resulting close range fighting in Bratislatva. A single Level III of troops was able to escape, heading towards Budapest.[10]

When they arrived in Budapest, the surviving members of the Fourth joined forces with the 16th Division and several units of TerraSec. They also rearmed themselves with equipment taken from Krupp Armaments Works factories. The Fourth dug into the factory complex and when the compound was finally taken by Coalition forces the Fourth ceased to exist.[11] The fourth was one of fourteen separate Militia Divisions to be destroyed on Terra in 3078.[12]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Division
Precentor Jake Rule 3062 - 3067[4][2]


While skilled in standard Com Guard/Word of Blake tactics, the Fourth specialize in unusual and unorthodox actions and is best known for its proficiency in "Combat Drops" - leaping from low-flying DropShips into the middle enemy formations rather than from orbit via Drop Pods. The tactic requires perfect timing to avoid damaging landings and friendly close support fire from their DropShips, with the division practicing constantly.[2]

Composition History[edit]

3062 to 3067[edit]

  • Blake's Messengers III-beta - CO: Precentor XV Jake Rule[2][5]
  • Into the Fire III-omicron - CO: Precentor XII Jian Feng Ding[2][5]
  • The Hunters III-kappa - CO: Demi-Precentor (Precentor XI) Jessica Dowling[2][5]
  • The Wanderers III-iota - CO: Precentor X Yousef Ahram[2][5]


  • Blake's Messengers III-beta - CO: Precentor XV Jake Rule
  • Into the Fire III-omicron - CO: Precentor XII Jian Feng Ding
  • The Hunters III-kappa - CO: Demi-Precentor (Precentor XI) Jessica Dowling
  • The Wanderers III-iota - CO: Precentor X Yousef Ahram
  • Keepers of the Gates III-beta - CO: Unknown
  • Renewed Faith III-alpha - CO: Unknown


  • The Fourth Division's insignia is a crazed warthog.[2]
  • Rank of Demi-Precentor is a ComStar only rank, it is listed in Blakist listing for comparison purposes.


In Total Chaos, changes the list of Word of Blake Divisions that were deployed to Outreach as part of the Word's effort in counterattacking Wolf's Dragoons. When asked if the older materials published in Dawn of the Jihad, Blake Ascending and later Jihad Secrets: The Blake Documents on the official Forums of Catalyst Game Labs Line, BattleTech Developer Herb A. Beas II notes the following: You may be right that this is one case where newer doesn't trump older. That should have been the Sixth and Tenth at the Outreach counterattack.

Stating the Total Chaos information regarding deployment of the 1st and 4th Divisions in place of the 6th Division and the 10th were in fact erroneous.[13]


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