Saiph Triumvirate

Saiph Triumvirate
State Profile
Founding Year 3058
Dissolution year: 3068
Capital world: New Canton
Controlled system(s): 3
Head of State Count

The Saiph Triumvirate was a small nation in the Chaos March created after the retreat of Federated Commonwealth forces fron the planets Tall Trees, Saiph, and New Canton[1].


The Triumvirate was founded by the Planetary Governor of New Canton, Count Ledo Balantine, after Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion issued a recall of all Lyran units fighting under the FedCom banner back to the newly formed Lyran Alliance. Immediately upon the retreat of the two Lyran units garrisoning the worlds, various pro-Liao and indigenous movements sprung up to fill the gap of a central government.

Although Tall Trees and Saiph were largely left alone during the subsequent attempted Liao takeover of the newly formed Chaos March, the planet of New Canton was invaded by a branch of the elite Liao mercenary unit, McCarron's Armored Cavalry. Opposing them on New Canton was the diehard Davionist unit, the First Kestrel Grenadiers. The two sides fought each other to a bloody stalemate, until various shadowy units attacked both sides on the planet and forced them to withdraw.

Sensing an opportunity, Count Balantine declared the formation of an independent New Cantonese government, and immediately sent regular troops to the planets of Tall Trees and Saiph to aid the indigenous groups' struggles against the pro-Liao forces on the planet. Upon the Liaoist forces' defeat, Count Balantine declared the Saiph Triumvirate to be extant.

No Successor State recognized the nation as being an official nation during the Triumvirate's short existence. It was absorbed in 3068 by Word of Blake Protectorate.



Saiph Defending Forces

Tall Trees Defending Forces

New Canton Defending Forces


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