Kaumberg Planetary Guard

Kaumberg Planetary Guard
Formed 3055[1]
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Parent Command LAAF


The Kaumberg Planetary Guard was the militia unit in charge of the defense of Kaumberg.

During the Jihad, and because of the actions of the Democracy Now movement, their field of action increased, as they were the preferred unit from the Kaumberg Archonette, Baron Erich Sheridan to fight them.

In 3071 the unit acted in Enzesfled, Batajnica and Calafell.[2]

In mid-February 3075 the unit had to fence off an attack by Democracy Now against Akfata[3][4], that prompted as response from the Kaumberg Planetary where assaulted two planets with strong Democracy Now involvement.

Baron Erich Sheridan led the attack to Akfata, that would be over by the 1st of May, and far less bloodily than the battle for Vermezzo..

Baron Trent Hasseldof, the Kaumberg Archonette's military chief, led the attack to Vermezzo with elements of the Planetary Guard and Cumberland's Missiliers, who were hired to help in the initial landings. The fight was very intense when Democracy Now used human shields and scorched earth tactics during their retreat.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Kaumberg Planetary Guard



Composition History[edit]

  • The unit had a mix of battlemechs, vehicles and infantry.


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