Delta Galaxy (Clan Wolf)

Galaxy Delta (Clan Wolf) logo.png
Delta Galaxy
Formed Unknown
3058 (re-formed)
Nickname The Red Wolves/The Light Wolves (3052)
The Snarling Wolves (3059)
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Parent Command Clan Wolf Touman

Unit Description[edit]

The Delta Galaxy is Clan Wolf military formation.


Operation Revival[edit]

Units of Delta Galaxy fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the Inner Sphere:

The Periphery[edit]

Wave One[edit]

Wave Two[edit]

Wave Four[edit]

Wave Five[edit]


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Refusal War[edit]

While elements of Delta Galaxy survived the Refusal War, Delta as a whole did not. Its component Clusters had taken heavy casualties and the only surviving cluster that was relatively intact was the 4th Striker. It was temporarily assigned to the Clan Jade Wolf Tau Galaxy for all of nineteen days, until the Wolf Clan was resurrected.[1][2][3]

Delta Galaxy was re-formed by reassigning units that had belonged to Sigma Galaxy prior to the start of the Refusal War. These clusters were themselves reforged losing all ties to their previous incarnations.[2]


During the Jihad Delta Galaxy was assigned to the Lyran Commonwealth thrust of Operation SCOUR. On New Home they faced off against an SDS that surrounded the planet, and they fought alongside forces from Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Ghost Bear as well. With so many Clan forces on the world, it appeared that they allowed their competitive nature to work against them. The assault on New Earth was a failure, with all Clan forces taking serious losses. Fortunately the assault destroyed at least one Protectorate Militia division and located a missing Shadow Division.[4][5] Delta Galaxy relocated to Rigel Kentarus, where they staged several Trials of Possession against the Ghost Bears for supplies taken during the offensive. They then left Rigel Kentarus to rebuild.[6]

They assaulted Skye alongside Clan Wolf-in-Exile's Beta Galaxy and Stone's Lament.[7] Delta Galaxy was also involved with the Coalition assault on Hesperus II in 3074. They surrounded the 40th Shadow Division in Maria's Elegy, holding the Blakists in place until the 1st Skye Jagers could break the stalemate.[8] They fought side by side with Stone's Lament.[9] In 3076 they assaulted Galatea.[10]

During the assault on Terra, Elementals from Delta Galaxy were assigned to take Luna with the assistance of DEST troops, the Star Seeds mercenary unit, and Alpha Galaxy of Clan Jade Falcon.[11] They did so, capturing the TerraSec facility on Luna while suffering nearly 60% casualties.[12][13]


Delta Galaxy was given to the newly formed Republic of the Sphere to help build the Republic's Armed Forces.[14][15] Following the Republic's standard practices, the individual warriors of Delta's Clusters were broken up and used to fill gaps in other units. This both diluted their ties to Clan Wolf and forced the new Republic soldiers to form new bonds.[16] Delta Galaxy would remain off the roster of Clan Wolf until the Blackout.[17] Several of Delta's traditions would be passed down to the Steel Wolves splinter faction of the Republic.[18][15]

Dark Age[edit]

Delta Galaxy was re-formed shortly after the Blackout, in 3134.[18] They were the third Galaxy sent to raid The Republic of the Sphere by Clan Wolf. They focused mostly on Prefecture IX. However as the third Galaxy, they mostly acted as a backup force for Alpha and Beta Galaxies. Though it was largely filled with conventional vehicles at its formation, by 3145 it was equipped with BattleMechs.[17] During Operation HAMMERFALL Delta was used to set up new communities in the systems that would become the Wolf Empire.[18]

In 3140 they faced elements of the 11th Lyran Regulars.[19] In 3145 elements of Delta faced the 11th Lyran Guards on Smolnik. This encounter resulted in extreme damage to the planet as the Lyran Guards used Firestarters to ignite a blaze that quickly went out of control.[20]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Delta Galaxy (Clan Wolf)
Loremaster Conal Ward Operation REVIVAL - 3052[21]
Galaxy Commander John Ward 3052[21]
Galaxy Commander Katya Kerensky 3059 - 3067[22]
Star Colonel Dirk Radick 3074[23]
Galaxy Commander Dirk Radick 3078[24]
Commanding Officers of the Delta Galaxy (Wolf Empire)
Galaxy Commander Billie Sender 3145[25]

Other Officers[edit]



Composition History[edit]









3059 Era Abilities[edit]

The Delta Galaxy has the following Force Specific Abilities from Field Manual: Crusader Clans. The 2nd Wolf Lancers & 3rd Wolf Lancers abilities. See individual articles for those forces/clusters. Galaxy as whole does not have any shared abilities.[32]


During the Jihad Delta Galaxy receives a +2 Initiative bonus when fighting the Word of Blake. They dislike most Inner Sphere units they fight alongside unless Devlin Stone is in command. If Stone isn't in command, the Delta Galaxy Wolves will deliberately ignore enemy fire on an allied Inner Sphere unit for two turns after the allied unit is attacked.[23]


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