Able's Aces

Able's Aces formed just prior to the War of 3039 and were employed by the Federated Commonwealth for the majority of the following seven years. Unfortunately the Aces weren't a large enough unit to receive any of the more lucrative contracts or to operate independently. The Aces and the Federated Commonwealth parted ways after a company commander within the Aces refused an order that would have resulted in his entire company being destroyed just to allow a Federated Commonwealth Regiment to position themselves for an ambush.[1]

Able's Aces
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command


The Aces arrived in the Rim Collection while still smarting from their bitter contract dispute with the Federated Commonwealth. Unwilling to work for the Free Worlds League or the Capellan Confederation, and unable to obtain a contract from the Draconis Combine, the Aces decided that their future lay in the Periphery. The leader of the Aces, Major Jerry Able, was a native of Otisberg and many of the unit's members had come from various worlds on the Periphery border.[2]

The Rim Collection's leader, James Moroney, so impressed Major Jerry Able that the Aces offered to train the Rim Collection's military and offered the Aces’ services until the Rim Collection Military was ready for active service.[2] Able's Aces were signed on to a long term defense contract with the Rim Collection, although the contract is funded by Major Able's personal fortune,[3] the Aces have been granted extensive lands on Otisberg.[2] The Aces have continually stonewalled against suggestions of hiring additional mercenary units to protect the Rim Collection and apparently view these efforts as unwanted encroachment on to what they consider their turf. [1][2]

The cadre duty the Aces provided to the six worlds of the Rim Collection rapidly bore fruit. By 3059 the Rim Collection military consisted of two BattleMech battalions in addition to militia units on each of the Collection's six worlds,[2] with the Aces garrisoning Gillfillan's Gold and All Dawn.[4] In short order the militia units on each world were up and running, with each world fielding several combined arms formations. Their greatest triumph came in 3062 when they drove Morrison's Extractors out of the Collection.[5][6] Since that time several armed bands have travelled through the Collection, but none ventured an invasion.[7]

For the foreseeable future the Aces will likely remain in the Rim Collection. Now holding the rank of Colonel, Jerry Able serves on the Collection Council, the highest legislative body in the Collection. He also bitterly opposes the presence of Word of Blake troops and other mercenary units, confident in the ability of the Aces and the Collection Militia to defend the worlds of the Rim Collection.[5]

After joining the Rim Collection Able's Aces changed their unit insignia to reflect their new affiliation. The updated insignia still shows the four playing cards, each an ace, but they are now surrounded by seven stars, one slightly smaller and further way than the others.[1]

In 3079 the Aces were still listed as a mercenary unit, but they appear to have no intention of leaving the Rim Collection. They were based on Gillfillan's Gold.[8]

Between 3079 and 3085 Able's Aces spent a great deal of time looking for the home base of a band of pirates who were raiding the Rim Collection.[9] By 3085 the unit had acquired enough DropShips to transport the entire unit. This allows the Aces to deploy a company alongside a battalion of Collection Militia forces.[10]

A company from Able's Aces were deployed to Hunter's Paradise to bring that system into the Rim Collection in 3099.[11] Sometime after 3085 and before 3145, the Aces founded Able's Hunting Arms, Limited. This company produces hunting rifles, infantry rifles, machine guns, and autocannons. Though officially they are sold on Hunter's Paradise for self-defense purposes, in reality most of AHA's output is purchased by Rim Motors for use on their equipment.[12]

In 3136 two companies of Able's Aces raided Wiltshire, looking for an alleged Word of Blake storage cache. The militia on the world was able to drive off the Aces.[13]

By 3145 the Aces were no longer considered mercenaries, but were the core of the Rim Commonality Militia.[14]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Able's Aces
Major Jerry Able 3059 - 3062
Colonel Jerry Able circa 3063 - 3085


Able's Aces form a part of the Collection Militia, a combined-arms unit that actively trained together across the worlds they've been assigned to protect. The Militia included infantry formations and light armor support that were adept at distracting and bogging down large enemy forces while Militia BattleMech forces moved in for the kill. They are also adept at city fighting, although they try at all costs to keep battles from entering populated areas.[1]

Mercenary Rating[edit]

Dragoon Rating: B+[4]

Composition History[edit]


Able's Aces

    • 2nd Able's Aces (1 Company/Regular/Questionable)[15]
  • CO: Captain Sherry Davy
    • 3rd Able's Aces (1 Company/Regular/Reliable)[15]
  • CO: Captain William Node

In 3058, the 1st company were stationed on Gillfillan's Gold, the 2nd were on All Dawn and the 3rd were on Waypoint.


Able's Aces (1 Battalion/Regular/Reliable)[4]

  • CO: Major Jerry Able[16]
  • 1st Batalion (Able's Hammers)[16]
    • 1st Company (The Hawke's Talons)[16]
  • Blacks Company[17]


Able’s Aces (1 Battalion/Regular/Reliable) [18]

  • CO: Major Parker Able [18]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Gilfillan’s Gold and All Dawn. [18]


Able's Aces (Veteran BattleMech battalion)[1]


Able's Aces (Veteran BattleMech battalion)[19]

  • CO: Colonel Jerry Able
  • XO: Major Lawrence Updike

In 3067, the Aces were operating at 115% of normal Battalion strength, with approximately 15% of the unit using Star League-era technology. The Aces are recorded as being based on the planet of Gillfillan's Gold[19][20] with sub-units on Otisberg and Hunter's Paradise.[20]


Able's Aces After the Jihad the Aces were still at 115% of their listed strength, but had consolidated onto Gillfillan's Gold.[8]


Able's Aces (Veteran/Reliable)[21]

  • CO: Colonel Frank Able


Able's Aces (Veteran/Reliable)[22]

  • CO: Colonel Mitchell Able


  • If Able's Aces outnumber their opponent at any point, they gain the Force the Initiative ability. In addition to this, equipment for the Aces may be generated using rolls on either the D or F columns of the Random 'Mech Assignment Tables from Field Manual: Federated Suns or Field Manual: Lyran Alliance.[23]


The first mention of Able's Aces appears in The Periphery, 2nd Edition[2]. The description provides no stats for the unit but does imply that the unit was roughly a battalion in size after arriving in the Rim Collection.

The 20 Year Update makes no mention of Able's Aces or the Rim Collection although based on the available unit history the Aces would have left Federated Commonwealth employment shortly before the internal publication date. Whilst this is probably due to publication of the 20 Year Update preceding a line development or editorial decision to create the Rim Collection nation, Able's Aces are also not mentioned in the much more recent Historical: War of 3039 as being employed by the Federated Commonwealth during this era.

Able's Aces have not received any detailed updates or entries in volumes such as the Field Manual: Mercenaries or the Mercenaries Supplemental series and appear to effectively be a part of the Rim Collection state military. The unit entry in the Field Manual: Periphery[1] makes reference to the Aces still forming the core of the Rim Collection military and indicates that the Aces lead the various planetary militias. Colonel Jerry Able is also listed as the Commanding Officer of the Rim Collection's four BattleMech battalions, consisting of Able's Aces and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Collection Armored Battalions.[20]

Although listed in the Mercenary Employment Roster of Field Manual: Mercenaries, the Aces are detailed as being lead by a Major Parker Able (not Jerry Able) and are listed as being based on All Dawn and "Gilfillan's Gold" rather than Gillfillan's Gold.[4] The Periphery, 2nd Edition also has Major Parker Able listed as the CO of the 1st Company in the unit roster for mercenary forces employed by Lesser Periphery States.[15]


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