Able's Hunting Arms, Limited

Able's Hunting Arms, Limited
Company Information
Founding Year Dark Age
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Able's Glory
Primary Products Ballistic Weaponry

Able's Hunting Arms, Limited is a privately owned weapons manufacturer on Able's Glory in the Rim Collection.


Able's Hunting Arms, Limited (AHA) was established, owned, and operated by the former mercenary unit Able's Aces, which had become the core of the Rim Collection Militia.[1] The company was founded on the world of Able's Glory shortly after the planet had been settled in order to provide support for travelers heading to the nearby world of Hunter's Paradise.[2] Though first producing only small arms for dangerous game hunting, the company's production effort continuously expanded to include increasingly larger forms of ballistic weaponry. During the Dark Age, AHA was manufacturing ballistic weapons ranging from small arms to BattleMech-grade machine guns and autocannons. Ostensibly, these arms were produced solely to provide personal protection for those traveling to Hunter's Paradise. In practice however, by the mid-thirty-second century, the lion's share of AHA's production was being used by Rim Motors, the Rim Collection's native BattleMech manufacturer.[1]

AHA wasn't necessarily limited to supplying Rim Motors, however. In 3145, arms and munitions produced in the Rim Collection started being exported to the nearby Lyran Commonwealth direct from manufacturers and AHA was no exception. In late 3144 a representative from AHA visited the Florida Timbuktu Theater Militia[3] on Halifax[4] with a view to selling autocannons and ammunition directly to the TTM to supplement their extended Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces supply chain.[3]


Able's Hunting Arms, Limited has manufacturing facilities on the planet known as Able's Glory. No other branches of the company are known to be in-place for at least as late as 3145.[1]


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