Kal Radick

Kal Radick
Born20 July 3107[1]
Died10 May 3133[2]
AffiliationRepublic of the Sphere,
Steel Wolves
ProfessionPrefect of Prefecture IV,
Galaxy Commander
ParentsDarla Radick (genemother)[3]
Rowlan Tseng (genefather)[3]

Kal Radick was a Clan Wolf-born Prefect of the Republic of the Sphere who established a new Clan, the Steel Wolves, in 3132 following the Blackout. He led the Steel Wolves against the disintegrating Republic for a year before being killed and replaced by Anastasia Kerensky.


Decanted on Fletcher and raised a warrior of Clan Wolf, Kal tested out from his sibko (formed from a mix of Radick and Ward Bloodrights) as a Star Captain, with his third kill being that of a cadet named Garrin who also had two kills.[3]. He took command of the Bright Fang Militia as Star Colonel in 3125. His abilities were questioned by several Knights from outside Prefecture IV and by some of his clan peers, but Devlin Stone confirmed his post.[3]

The Trial battles for the first available Radick Bloodname were among the bloodiest seen in the Republic in two decades. During them, he killed an officer who had questioned him when promoted, and fought his old enemy Garrin in unaugmented combat. Twice Garrin came close to blinding Kal with fingertip jabs at the eyes, and the two men eventually came to grips in a severe tangle. Kal broke Garrin's neck with one final, violent snap. At the age of twenty-two, Kal Radick claimed his Bloodname.[3]

After winning his Bloodname in 3129, Kal challenged for and won the position of Galaxy Commander, in charge of the various Clan Clusters within Prefecture IV[3]. He was proposed to be Prefect of Prefecture IV, just as General Michael Sampson. Sampson retired his claim to the post, and Kal became a Prefect of the Republic of the Sphere in 3130[4]. He advocated for Clan descendants, stating they were treated like second-class citizens. His natural gift for politics and populism became evident as his constituency grew.

The Galaxy Commander announced plans to enlarge his Prefecture's military in July of 3132, and which time he also challenged Countess Tara Campbell of the Northwind Highlanders to a Trial of Grievance over her opinions about him. Exarch Damien Redburn halted the Trial before it began.

A month later the HPG network failed, starting the Dark Age. Radick responded by exploiting Clan-based disaffection with the Republic and formed the Steel Wolves from like-minded malcontents, using them to take direct control of his Prefecture. He then began expanding his area of influence by invading the worlds of Ronel and Achernar.[5]

Under Radick's leadership the Steel Wolves became one of the main splinter groups which emerged in the post-Blackout chaos. However, they suffered many reverses as well as victories and Radick himself never seemed to fully commit to any course of action as he gathered his strength on Tigress. Ultimately any plans he might have had were rendered moot when an upstart warrior named Anastasia Kerensky arrived to challenge him for command of his Clan. The ensuing Trial of Possession for his position saw Radick slain in physical combat on 10 May 3133 by Kerensky, who took command of the Steel Wolves and transformed them into more of a bandit force than a true Clan.[5] [6]


Kal Radick inherited a Clan Sea Fox Mad Cat Mk II, which he named Crusader's Might, when he became Prefect. He used a version with two LRM-15 missile racks and four heavy large lasers.[1]


  • His Bloodname has at times been misspelled as "Raddick". Radick is the canonical Bloodname spelling.


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