7th Battle (Clan Wolf)

Seventh Battle Cluster
Formed After the Clan Wolverine Annihilation
Nickname The Hungry Wolves (3052)
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Parent Command Gamma Galaxy


The Seventh Battle Cluster was a part of Clan Wolf. Formed shortly after the Wolverine Annihilation, the Seventh faced Clan Jade Falcon on Eden. During that Trial the unit was shattered. After action reports indicated that the unit suffered the loss because it ran out of ammunition. Since that time the Seventh uses 'Mechs that are equipped with energy weapons. This allowed the Seventh to operate away from logistical support, and so in 2833 it was an excellent bandit-hunting unit.[1]

On Dagda in 2834 the Seventh joined with the 1015th Burrock Guards and the First Falcon Striker to destroy Clan Widowmaker's Third Battle Cluster. The Wolves and their allies were successful, but the Falcons quickly issued a challenge for the Widowmaker enclave. The Falcons lost this challenge.[2]

Operation Revival[edit]

The Seventh Battle Cluster fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the Inner Sphere:


Wave One[edit]

Wave Three[edit]

Wave Four[edit]

Wave Five[edit]



Refusal War[edit]


Post Refusal War[edit]

In 3058 the Seventh Battle Cluster engaged elements of the Jade Falcon's Fifth Battle Cluster on Tomans.[3] The Seventh was rebuilt around a Binary of warriors who survived the Refusal War. To quickly rebuild, the Seventh was expanded with a pair of mixed Trinaries from Clan Coyote and a Binary of former Clan Star Adder OmniMechs.[4]

Invasion of the Republic[edit]

The unit was part of the Clan Wolf invasion of Prefecture IX to ultimately capture Terra. The unit commander bid against Star Colonel Edward's Third Battle Cluster for right to conqueror Alkalurops.

In the late 3110's, the Seventh Battle Cluster fought a Trial of Possession against the Second Tyr Cluster for a Vanir DropShip. The Seventh wasn't successful, and the Vanir remained with the Ghost Bear unit.[5]

In 3141 the Seventh was on Hollabrunn. They faced the Wolf Hunters on that world, and were destroyed by the mercenary unit there.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 7th Battle Cluster (Clan Wolf)
Star Colonel Britta Shaw 2833[1]
Star Colonel Carmin Winson July 3050[7]
Star Colonel Dirk Radick 3062 -3067[8]
Commanding Officers of the 7th Battle Cluster (Wolf Empire)
Star Colonel Bart Radick 3141[9]



Composition History[edit]


7th Battle Cluster

  • Trinary Battle (3 OmniMech Stars)
  • Trinary Striker (3 OmniMech Stars)


7th Battle Cluster

  • "Sword of the Wolf"/"Bloodied Wolves" Trinary
  • "Eternal Crusader" Trinary
  • "Mauler" Trinary


7th Battle Cluster

  • Command Trinary[11]
  • Assault Trinary
  • Striker Trinary


During the invasion of 3137, Star Colonel Hestia bid on behalf of the Seventh, but it was unclear if she was the actual Cluster commander. At the time, it appeared that Star Colonels commanded Galaxies.


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