3rd Battle (Clan Wolf)

Third Battle Cluster
Disbanded 3057 (Destroyed)
Nickname Silver Devils
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Parent Command Beta Galaxy

Known within Clan Wolf as detached and calm under pressure, warriors of the Third Battle Cluster that exhibited any restraint, cowardice, or timidity under fire were quickly assigned to other Clusters.


The Third Battle was the Wolf Clan participant in the Trial of Refusal against Operation Revival.[1] With bidding among the "Aye" votes bringing the odds down from 16-1, the single "Nay" of the Wolves meant they would face four Clusters of the Crusaders. Led by Ulric Kerensky for the Trial, Khan Kerensky ordered the Wolf warriors to split up, forming headhunting groups. Challenging the Ghost Bear Khans to single combat, and besting both, the First Bear Guards quickly fell to the Wolf Khan and his plan to decapitate a leading Crusader Clan.[2] Next, the Cluster faced the fanatically Crusader Gyrfalcon Guards of the Jade Falcons. Using hidden units and attacking from three different directions, the Falcons lost a cascading series of zellbrigen duels, leading to a rout.[3] The Wolves ran them down, while also fending off the Smoke Jaguar Fourth Dragoons and the Fifteenth Rapier, led by Burrock Khan Jocelyn Siddiq. Facing two Clusters already had worn the Third down, and the Smoke Jaguar leadership ordered the warriors to not extend zellbrigen. The combined Burrock-Jaguar force split the Wolves, overwhelming them with weapons fire. Despite Khan Kerensky nearly defeating Star Colonel Aaron Showers after a disorienting missile strike, the Trial ended when the Jaguar warrior fired blindly, destroying the Gargoyle of Khan Ulric.[4]

The Trial caused casualties so severe that SaKhan Garth Radick barred the unit from participation in the initial invasion of the Inner Sphere.[5] However the Third Battle's Supernova Command, Trinary Striker and Binary Fighter units were available for the conquest of Lovinac in May 3050.[6] They were also brought in as reinforcements to finish up the conquest of Planting in July of that year.[7] When the Fifth Wave of the invasion started, the Third Battle conquered the planet Rastaban in January 3052, destroying the 2nd Knights of St. Cameron.[8]

In 3054 the unit was assigned to garrison Diosd in the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone.[9]

During the Refusal War against Clan Jade Falcon, the Third were part of Khan Natasha Kerensky's forces. In October 3057 they attacked the planet of Devin. In one action Trinary Bravo defeated the Second Falcon Jaeger's Charlie Trinary on the O'Tsung Plain, however, overall the Wolves were defeated and force to move on, taking 47% casualties.[10] In December the Third and the rest of Beta Galaxy attacked Twycross. The Third formed one flank of the Wolf battle line. Their initial barrage decimated the Sixth Provisional Garrison Cluster. They fought hard and well but were forced to retreat on the order of Natasha Kerensky. Under Marco Hall, the Third moved against the planet of Wotan.[11][12] It did not survive the fighting of the Refusal War.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Battle Cluster
Star Colonel Darren Fetladral 3052 - 3057[11]


The Third was not known for any specific tactical innovations.

Composition History[edit]


Third Battle Cluster [13]

  • Supernova Command - The Devil's Wolves (Star Colonel Darren Fetladral)
  • Trinary Assault - The Grim Reapers (Star Captain Richard Kerensky)
    • Alpha Assault Star: Gargoyle, Executioner, Mad Dog, Ice Ferret, Gargoyle
    • Bravo Assault Star: Ice Ferret, Mad Dog, Gargoyle, Timber Wolf C, Timber Wolf B
    • Charlie Assault Star: Gargoyle, Ice Ferret, Phantom C, Gargoyle A, Gargoyle
  • Trinary Battle - The Demon Executioners (Star Captain Ancil Radick)
    • Alpha Battle Star: Gargoyle, Ice Ferret, Ice Ferret A, Ice Ferret B, Timber Wolf
    • Bravo Battle Star: Ice Ferret, Adder C, Phantom B, Timber Wolf A, Timber Wolf
    • Charlie Battle Star: Adder, Ice Ferret C, Ice Ferret, Gargoyle, Ice Ferret D
  • Trinary Striker - The Medusi (Star Captain Dale Carns)
    • Alpha Striker Star: Adder, Adder C, Adder B, Ice Ferret, Adder A
    • Bravo Striker Star: Adder A, Mist Lynx, Adder, Ice Ferret, Timber Wolf C
    • Charlie Striker Star: Ice Ferret B, Ice Ferret, Ice Ferret, Adder A, Adder
  • Binary Fighter - The Tiamat Flyers (Star Captain Sumner Johns)
  • Support Vessels:
    • 1 Star Lord class JumpShip: Hell's Bells
    • 2 Invader class JumpShips: Beelzebub, Ol' Nick
    • 1 Union class Command DropShip: Asmodeus
    • 4 Union class DropShips: Scorcher, Hell Fire, Sulphur, Damned
    • 1 Titan class DropShip: Demon Cage


Third Battle Cluster [10]

  • Included:
Bravo Trinary - 2 Assault Stars and 1 Battle Star - Star Captain Leo Ward


Game Rules[edit]


As long as the Third Battle Cluster is outnumbered, they gain the following: a +1 Initiative bonus; the Brawlers special ability (see p. 193, TO); MechWarriors may reroll their first failed Consciousness Roll in a track, keeping the second result.[14]


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