3rd Battle (Clan Widowmaker)

Alpha Galaxy (Clan Widowmaker).jpg
Third Battle Cluster
Disbanded 2834 (Destroyed)
Affiliation Clan Widowmaker
Parent Command Alpha Galaxy


The Third Battle Cluster has origins in the Star League's 146th Mechanized Infantry Division, although the ilKhan denied the Third to acknowledge this heritage in its official designation. Star Colonel Isaac molded the Cluster in the traditions of the former Division. At the end of a battle the Third will fire upon any salvageable 'Mechs or vehicles totally destroying them. The rest of the Clan viewed this as wasteful, but Isaac countered that it gave her cluster a moral boost.[1]

In 2834 the Third defended Point Sanders in the Dratha Headlands on Dagda. As the Seventh Battle Cluster of Clan Wolf, the 1015th Burrock Guards, and the First Falcon Striker moved against them the Third issued challenges of duels. Star Colonel Britta Shaw of the Seventh Battle Cluster ordered her command to honor the duels. She was surprised these supposed traitors had an ounce of honor. As the fighting continued it became clear that the Third were winning far more duels than they were losing, forcing Shaw to abandoned zellbrigen. The duels broke down into a melee with Star Colonel Maria Isaac and Shaw's 'Mechs wrestling with each other atop the headland's cliffs. A wild shot sent both Commanders over the cliff edge to their deaths. At this the rest of the Third broke and were quickly destroyed.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Battle Cluster
Star Colonel Maria Isaac 2834[1]



Composition History[edit]


Third Battle Cluster (Veteran)[1]

Game Rules[edit]

The Third Battle Cluster may use Overrun Combat and earns a +1 Initiative bonus for every two BattleMech kills the Cluster makes during a track, to a maximum of +3 for six kills.[1]


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