Nova (Formation)

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Map Designation of a Clan Nova


A Nova is a special type of Star military formation used by the Clans. Also known as a double-Star, Novas are the only major change from the standard Clan military structure which has been adopted by almost every Clan for their touman.[1][2] In effect a Nova is a mixed Binary as it combines a Star of OmniMechs with a Star of Elementals, an arrangement which provides Clan military leaders additional firepower for assaults against fortifications or in constricted environments.[3]

The primary difference between a Nova and a mixed Binary is the former's more intense emphasis on combined-arms training and deployment. The result is that when working together a Nova will outperform a mixed Binary, however if forced to operate separately its constituent parts will be less effective than their standard counterparts.[1][2]

The Star Commander of the 'Mech Star commands the entire Nova and is usually referred to as a Nova Commander.[4] Nova Commanders have slightly more authority than normal Star Commanders but still less than that of a Star Captain. The other Star in the formation is led by a regular Star Commander who answers to the Nova Commander.[5][6]

Nova units of Clan Hell's Horses differ in that the 'Mech Star can instead be composed of another unit type, including conventional armor, with the second Star either Elementals or infantry.[7]


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