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System Information
X:Y Coordinates88.395 : -126.222[e]

Political Affiliation[edit]


Planetary History[edit]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Following the lull in major offensives in early 3029, a number of new offensives began as the Fourth Succession War entered its second year. The AFFS forces on the Capellan front did their best to rest and resupply during the lull, anticipating a return to combat operations; orders for the fifth wave of Operation RAT were received in late April, and large-scale invasions of the Capellan Confederation began again.[32] Stripped of JumpShips to form a command chain for Operation INTRUDERS COMMUNION, few of the front-line forces within the Sarna Commonality were able to respond to the fresh wave of attacks.[15] Despite the lack of front-line units on Mandate, the Capellan Operations Command of the AFFS was deeply concerned about the invasion of the planet; Mandate had provided more personnel to the Capellan Warrior Houses than any other Confederation world, and the population of the planet were known to be tough individuals as a result of the combination of Capellan society and Mandate's harsh environment.[33]

The COC's concerns proved to be well-founded; when the Sixth Crucis Lancers RCT invaded Mandate, they faced propeller aircraft making ramming attacks against landing DropShips and dropping 'Mechs, as well as suicide bombers on the ground, as the civilian population fought back against the invaders. In what proved an emotionally-sapping campaign, the militia and volunteer regiments defending Mandate proceeded to use similar tactics, but on a much larger scale. In addition to the suicide attacks the various regiments of the RCT found themselves subject to constant sniper attacks, mass charges by militia units and the contamination of water sources. By the time the Lancers had reached the outskirts of Glory of Liao, the planetary capital city, the troops were already emotionally exhausted from having to kill old men, women and children as the fanatical defenders attempted to oust them.[33]

The first elements of the RCT to reach Glory of Liao were a medium 'Mech company, a company of light armor, and two battalions of infantry - one being laser grenadiers, the other helicopter-equipped jump troops. The defenders had concealed themselves in ground positions, and emerged en masse - three companies of Capellan tanks, two battalions of militia infantry and a regiment of civilian volunteers. The volunteers proceeded to rush the Lancers line with improvised weapons and basic firearms, while the militia tanks and soldiers used them as human shields to conceal their advance. The Lancers' efforts to target just the militia elements gave the attackers more time, and despite horrendous casualties the third wave of attackers breached the Lancers' infantry lines. It was only the sudden appearance of two Lancer Firestarters that allowed the Lancers to plug the gap in the line, by which time they'd already lost three platoons of infantry and a tank, as well as one of the two Firestarters.[33]

Barely pausing, the defenders attacked again, and were on the verge of overwhelming the Lancer lines when the Third McHenry Jump Regiment arrived, deploying by helicopter into the middle of the attacking troops; with those members of the Third who survived the drop grouping up back-to-back to try and hold, the Mandate volunteer formation finally broke, exposing the militia elements. Despite strafing runs from helicopters and the second Firestarter sacrificing itself, the militia nearly overwhelmed the Lancers. The arrival of two more lances of Lancer 'Mechs tipped the battle in favor of the AFFS troops, but the militia tanks continued to fight until they were all destroyed. The battle proved such a horrific bloodbath that, faced with another round of similarly huge and senseless losses, the people of Mandate surrendered.[33]

Military Deployment[edit]




- At this point in time, the Fifth was deployed across Foot Fall, Mandate, and Remshield. The Fifth was at 75% of full strength, with 80% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.


- At this point in time, the Legion was at 15% of full strength, with 50% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Glory of Liao: the planetary capital city[33]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 72 systems (71 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
New Macao 11.5 Menkib 13.2 Highspire 13.8 Matsu 14.2
Zaurak 15.9 Remshield 16.4 Foot Fall 17.5 Shipka 17.6
Heligoland 19.0 Moravian 21.6 Bell 22.7 Plataea 25.0
Wei 25.5 Undra 27.1 Aosia 28.5 Foochow 28.7
New Athens 28.9 Tsingtao 29.4 Sakhalin 30.8 Kaifeng 30.9
Kek 31.7 St. Andre 34.2 Menkar 34.2 Ashkum 34.4
Truth 34.6 Hunan 34.8 Jonathan 35.3 Lee 35.9
Palos 37.7 Lhasa 38.9 Tsitsang 40.5 Axton 40.9
New Aragon 42.5 Westphalia 43.2 Vintru 43.4 Algot 43.5
Tianamon 43.7 Achilles 43.9 Sarna 44.0 Cammal 45.1
Minnacora 45.8 Acala 45.8 Perkasie 45.9 Lacadon 46.3
Valexa 46.9 Ares 48.3 Shensi 48.3 Quemoy 50.7
Sarmaxa 51.2 Halloran 51.6 Poznan 51.9 New Sagan 52.1
Angelsey 52.2 Anaea 53.9 Ulan Bator 54.1 Oli 54.2
Styk 54.5 Staffin 54.7 Second Try 55.0 Tecumseh 55.2
Sichuan 55.8 Conwy 55.9 Goshen 56.0 Randar 56.3
Demeter 56.7 Gallitzin 57.0 Genf 58.7 Bora 58.8
Ilmar 59.4 Pleione 59.4 Gahral 59.8 Capricorn 60.2


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