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  • House Liao's Sung's Cuirassiers invades and temporarily occupies the Federated Suns world of Lee.
  • House Liao launches an attack on the Federated Suns world of Demeter.
  • The Ariana Grenadiers repulse a Federated Suns attack on Halloran V.
  • The 108th Jump Infantry Division defeats a pirate force on Albert Falls.
  • The 103rd Mechanized Infantry Division seizes a weapons manufacturing plant on Tainjin.
  • The 38th Jump Infantry Division rescues the president of the planetary assembly on Luxen.
  • A pirate force raids the planet of Joshua. The SLDF responds less than a day later.


  • Sung's Cuirassiers regiment is rebuilt and reformed.
  • Quarantine of Evciler's southern continent is lifted. The Edison White Flu epidemic ends.



  • The 7A variant of the Warhammer first used by SLDF Royal regiments.
  • Blue Shot Weapons' Lynx BattleMech enters production.