Alexander Carlyle

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Alexander Carlyle
Born 27 July 3036
Affiliation House Carlyle
Rank Hauptmann[1]
Title(s) Count of Odessa[1]
Profession Noble
Parents Grayson Carlyle (father)
Lori Kalmar (mother)
Children Gardner Carlyle[2]

Alexander Carlyle (27 July, 3036[3] - c. 3067) was the son of famed mercenary commander Grayson Carlyle and Lori Kalmar. He served with the First Royal Guards on Tharkad as the commander of their Lightning company, later serving with the Second[4]. Alexander began service in the LAAF as a way to further bind the Gray Death Legion to Katherine Steiner-Davion.


Early life[edit]

Alexander was born on Sudeten. [5]

Destruction of the Legion[edit]

When the famous Gray Death Legion was destroyed in 3065 and most of its personnel killed, Alexander Carlyle requested his release to begin rebuilding the mercenary company, but Katherine Steiner-Davion would not allow him to resign from his posting with the Royal Guards.[6]

After the FedCom Civil War, Alex intended to rebuild the Legion. However, this was not possible as his family's claim to Glengarry had been stripped, and the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission indicated that because of the Legion's spotty track-record with turning on their employers, they could not be appropriately graded. [7]

Instead, Duke Brewer of Hesperus II raised a corporate security force, Brewer's Legion, from the remains of the Gray Death Legion and gifted it to Gray Death Technologies on Glengarry as a security force in 3067. According to rumors, Alexander Carlyle, recently discharged from the LAAF as of November 3067, was expected to join that unit as its executive officer soon. [8] However, that apparently did not come to pass and Brewer's Legion was utterly vanquished in the field on 17 December 3069 by Word of Blake forces.

He survived the destruction of Brewer's Legion and went to ground fighting the Word of Blake on Tharkad in an Archer. After the Jihad, Adam Steiner reinstated Alexander's titles and making him Count of Odessa.[9]

Other appearances[edit]

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In the MechWarrior IV: Mercenaries computer game, due to timeline, the information states that Alexander Carlyle was able to rebuild the Gray Death Legion after their destruction on Hesperus II by working with Daniel Brewer.

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  • Alexander Carlyle piloted a ARC-4M Archer during the fighting on Glengarry in 3056. [10]


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