Day of Heroes

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Day of Heroes
Product information
Type Scenario Pack
Development Scott Jenkins
Steve Bryant (Project Manager)
Donna Ippolito (Senior Editor)
Sharon Turner Mulvihill (Associate Editor)
Diane Piron, Rob Cruz (Assistant Editors)
Primary writing Thomas S. Gressman
Pages 104
Cover Artwork Boris Vallejo (Art)
Steve Bryant (Design)
Interior Artwork Jeff Laubenstein (Art Director)
Illustrations Steve Bryant
Paul Daly
Rick Harris
Malcome Hee
Ernesto Hernandez
Jeff Laubenstein
John Paul Lona
Dennis Nelson
Jeff Rebner
Bryant Velez
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1677
First published 1993
ISBN-10 1555602045
ISBN-13 978-1555602048
MSRP $12.00
Era Succession Wars era
Clan Invasion era
Timeline 3039-3056

Day of Heroes (subtitled The Continuing Adventures of the Gray Death Legion) is a sourcebook and scenario pack that chronicles the ongoing exploits of the Gray Death Legion. It was released in the same year as the novel Blood of Heroes that picks up the unit's adventures in 3056.


Named after the "Day of Heroes", the Legion's holiday commemorating their recovery of the Helm Memory Core on 1 April 3028, the book provides an overview over the history of the Gray Death Legion from its inception in 3024 through the Second Skye Rebellion in 3056 (novelized in Blood of Heroes), concentrating on what happened after the conclusion of the last novel of the original trilogy, The Price of Glory. Besides a sourcebook section with character bios and background information it offers boardgame scenarios for pivotal battles, organized into three major campaigns.

From the back cover[edit]

Almost 30 years ago the mercenary unit known as the Gray Death Legion discovered a long-forgotten Star League memory core, capturing the imagination of the entire Inner Sphere along the way. Since then, the famed unit has continued to blaze a trail of glory across the reaches of known space.

Now Day Of Heroes, a new BattleTech campaign pack, lets you share in this legendary Legion's exploits as it slugs its way through three separate campaigns. Join the Gray Death's MechWarriors as they battle House Kurita's renowned First Ghost Regiment during the War of 3039. Share their agonizing defeats and hard-earned victories as they struggle against the savage might of Clan Jade Falcon on Sudeten and Pandora. Stand side by side with these brave men and women as the Second Skye Rebellion traps half the unit on Glengarry and forces a young Alexander Carlyle to lead them as they struggle for their lives against an overwhelming foe.

Day Of Heroes: The Continuing Adventures of the Gray Death Legion is a supplement for the BattleTech game system.


  • Introduction
    • How to Use this Book
  • Personalities
Grayson Death Carlyle
Lori Kalmar-Carlyle
Alexander Carlyle
Caitlin DeVries
Davis McCall
Hassan Ali Khaled
Charles Bear
Davis Carlyle Clay
Delmar Clay
Tracy Maxwell Kent
  • New Rules and Equipment
    • Bad Weather/Terrain Rules
    • Miscellaneous Rules
    • Gray Death Power Suits
  • Scenarios
    • Campaign: The War of 3039
    • Campaign: Clan Invasion
    • Campaign: Second Skye Rebellion
    • Maglev Mini-Campaign