Tracy Maxwell Kent

Tracy Maxwell Kent
Tracy Maxwell Kent
AffiliationHouse Kent
ParentsRodney Howard Kent (father)[3][4]
SiblingsRoderick Kent[3][5][1]
younger sister[3]

Tracy Maxwell Kent was a mercenary MechWarrior and officer, best known for having served with the Gray Death Legion.


Early Life[edit]

Kent was born on New Avalon into the wealthy Kent family.[5][1]


Tracy Kent enrolled in a Federated Suns military academy after the death of her brother Roderick. Her father, upset with Tracy bucking traditional gender roles, used his political influence to get her expelled.[3][5]

Blackely's Blackguards[edit]

Undeterred, Tracy joined the line infantry of the Blackely's Blackguards mercenary unit, eventually working her way up in rank to a MechTech Sergeant, and then a MechWarrior to replace pilot losses from particularly fierce fighting on Proserpina. The Blackguards were later decimated in fighting on Cassias and disbanded. Kent traveled with her PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk, named the Dutiful Daughter, to Galatea in search of other employment.[5]

Gray Death Legion[edit]

Kent signed on with the Gray Death Legion and traveled to Helm to help train new recruits in B Company while awaiting the Legion's main force to return from Sirius V[3]

Subsequent action on Otho saw Kent credited with two kills, an assist, and a commendation for bravery.[5]

During the Fourth Succession War the Legion invaded the Draconis Combine world of Shionoha. Kent was instrumental in the victory at Mifune Pass, scoring at least two kills as her green subordinate MechWarriors, piloting only light bug 'Mechs, stumbled into enemy forces.[4]

She continued to fight for the Legion in several campaigns. In the War of 3039 she took part in the assault on Altais. During the Clan Invasion she fought Clan Jade Falcon on Sudeten and Pandora.[6]

At some point, Kent made peace with her father, but she was killed on Glengarry in 3056 by Skye separatists.[7]


Kent piloted a Phoenix Hawk named the Dutiful Daughter.[4]


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