Charles Bear

Charles Bear
Charles Bear
AffiliationGray Death Legion

Charles Bear was a officer with the mercenary Gray Death Legion.[2]


Bear was born in the Tau Ceti system, the descendant of Delaware tribe Native Americans.[3][4] He was a third-generation MechWarrior.[5]

Gray Death Legion[edit]

Prior to joining the Legion he was a member of the Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers and the Twenty-first Centauri Lancers. Bear didn't consider himself to be a true warrior until he was able to "count coup" by touching an enemy BattleMech.[3] He accomplished this feat 1 April 3028 during the final battle on Helm, tearing the arm off a Marik Crusader.[6][7] Some accounts state he didn't manage to count coup until 3050 on Pandora against Clan Jade Falcon.[8]

Shortly after the Legion was assigned to Glengarry in 3056, Bear retired. He was award a sizable estate in the Glencoe Highlands in the southern uplands of Scotia.[8]


Charles Bear was known to pilot a CRD-3R Crusader which had been in his family for three generations.[1] Sometime between 3030 and 3049 his Crusader was altered by exchanging the LRMs for SRMs.[9]


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