Hassan Ali Khaled

Hassan Ali Khaled
Hassan Ali Khaled
DiedDecember 3064
AffiliationSaurimat Commandos
Gray Death Legion

Hassan Ali Khaled was an early member of the Gray Death Legion, eventually rising to command the units Second Battalion.


Hassan Ali Khaled joined the Gray Death Legion shortly after its inception on the planet Galatea.

Prior to joining Grayson Carlyle's unit Khaled was ikhwan (brother) of the dreaded Saurimat Commandos, on his homeworld of Shaul Khala. The word "Saurimat" means "Quick Death" and the group had a reputation equal to that of the Ninja or Hashshashin of ancient Terran Japan and Persia [1].

Hassan Khaled was reluctant to discuss his past, and why he had left the Saurimat. While he still considered them his brothers, they would kill him if they ever met him face-to-face again.[2]

It is not my place, Kolarasi, to advise you. You have my bond. I go where you lead.

-Hassan Khaled's contribution to the Gray Death's first staff briefing on Galatea. [3]


Khaled's first assignment with the Gray Death Legion was on Verthandi a Draconis Combine world in 3026 that was mostly inhabited by those of Scandinavian heritage. The Unit's initial assignment was to train the local rebel forces in 'Mech and anti-'Mech Combat, but later focused on Guerrilla Warfare combat.[4]

Sirius V[edit]

The final planet in a year-long contract with the Free Worlds League to be conquered from the Capellan Confederation. During this time Lieutenant Khaled commanded the Legion's Fire Lance in his Warhammer.[5]


After returning from their campaign the Gray Death Legion learned they were framed as Outlaws for the murder of millions on Sirius V. This hit Hassan especially hard. While the exact reasons why he'd left the Saurimat are still unclear, what is known, is that he carries a great shame that he and his brothers had acted without honor and had been seemingly branded Outlaws. While tempted to flee, his devotion to Carlyle demanded that he'd act with honor this time. He and the rest of the Legion would fight against Marik forces, long enough to discover the Helm Memory Core, escape and clear their names.[6]


In 3028, when the Legion was tasked to take, in solitary, the Combine planet of Aubisson, Khaled led the frontal assault of PowerOne, the planet's main fusion plant, while Carlyle led another force to attack the back gate. After resisting a heavy punishment, Khaled led the frontal assault, breaching the frontal gate and catching the garrison between both groups, making them surrender the place without more fight.[7]


Khaled piloted a 20-ton Stinger early on with the Legion and was extremely proficient in hand-to-hand combat with this 'Mech. Later on he'd be promoted to a company commander and pilot a Warhammer.



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