BattleTech: Legends

This article is about the art book. For the fiction line, see BattleTech Legends.
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BattleTech: Legends
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Aaron Cahall,
Ray Arrastia
Primary writing Herbert A. Beas II,
Randall N. Bills,
Aaron Cahall,
Keith Hann,
Philip A. Lee,
Aaron Pollyea,
Eric Salzman,
Lance Scarinci,
Jason Schmetzer
Pages 170
Cover Artwork Marco Mazzoni
Illustrations Christopher Balaskas,
Margarita Bourkova,
Marco Mazzoni,
Florian Mellies,
Victor Moreno,
Marco Pennacchietti,
Colby Stevenson
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 18 December 2020
Era Clan Invasion era

BattleTech: Legends is a full-color art book featuring famous and notable MechWarriors and BattleMechs from the BattleTech universe.


Originally announced as MechWarrior: Legends by Catalyst Game Labs as an unlockable $575,000 stretch goal during the 2019 crowdfunding campaign for the BattleTech: Clan Invasion box set, the renamed book features all-new color art of the famous and infamous MechWarriors and their 'Mechs stretching from the dawn of the BattleMech through to the upcoming ilClan era. It is sorted roughly chronologically, by BattleTech eras, and each era section is prefaced with a short story set in that era.

All BattleTech: Clan Invasion crowdfunding campaign backers received a PDF copy of BattleTech: Legends, with backers also having an exclusive option to purchase a leather-bound Limited Edition.

From the Back Cover[edit]


Across the centuries, the fate of the Inner Sphere changed time and again with the actions of one MechWarrior and one 'Mech fighting at the crux of history. Their stories became legends passed down through the years, and now these legends and their 'Mechs stand revealed as never before.

BattleTech: Legends depicts fifty-two of the universe's most famous—and infamous—MechWarriors and their 'Mechs from every era of BattleTech including the upcoming ilClan era. Each entry includes gorgeous full-color portraits of the character and camo specs for their machines, and delves into their battle history as a MechWarrior to reveal all-new details never before published. Finally, each era section kicks off with all-new fiction by some of BattleTech's own legendary authors!



The Star League Era[edit]

The Succession Wars Era[edit]

The Clan Invasion Era[edit]

The Civil War Era[edit]

The Jihad Era[edit]

The Dark Age Era[edit]

The ilClan Era[edit]