Philip A. Lee

Philip A. Lee
Occupation Author,
BattleTech forum handle JoeChummer

A BattleTech fan since the early 90s, Philip A. Lee was already an experienced fiction author when he joined an informal BattleCorps author group in 2010 with the aim of writing for BattleTech. His inaugural BattleTech story, A Wolf in the Eyrie, was published in early 2011. In 2012 he became Assistant Editor to BattleCorps's Managing Editor Jason Schmetzer (a position he retained until BattleCorps went offline in 2017), and eventually worked with CGL on BattleTech sourcebooks and novellas.

Besides BattleTech, he has been writing for Shadowrun, Cosmic Patrol, and The Valiant Universe RPG, among others.

Clan stories[edit]

As a BattleTech writer, Philip A. Lee has a particular interest in the Clans, their society, history, and Homeworlds. Consequently, he endeavored to write a BattleCorps short story centering on each Clan and their individual peculiarities:

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