Petr Kalasa

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Petr Kalasa
Petr Kalasa
Born 3094[1]
Died  ????
Affiliation Clan Sea Fox
SaKhan Spina Khanate

Petr Kalasa (born 3094[1] - died ????) is the SaKhan of Spina Khanate of Clan Sea Fox.

Character History[edit]

Born on Trondheim to a sibko from the Skate Khanate, he passed his Trial of Position with the minimum requirement. His graduation put him into service on the CargoShip Abyssal where he passed his Trial of Commerce with a significant profit. Petr's reputation from his trial was so great that the saKhan from the Spina Khanate, Mikel Sennet, went through a Trial of Possession to obtain him.[1]

ovKhan of Delta Aimag[edit]

He served as the ovKhan of the Delta Aimag, [2] where he led from his command ship, the CargoShip Voidswimmer. As ovKhan, Petr had a rivalry with Sha Clarke of the Beta Aimag where Petr used to beat Sha at every turn, but then Sha began to trounce Petr at every competition. It was during this time that Petr found out about a conspiracy that revolved around Sha Clarke.[1]

The Sha Clarke Affair[edit]

In June 3134, ovKhan Petr Kalasa started to receive data cubes from a mysterious woman named Snow.[3] Claiming to have information that affected his entire Khanate, if not his entire Clan.

The Voidswimmer arrived in the Augustine system on June 20th, 3134. Where Scientist Kif organized a gravity experiment using an Invader class JumpShip and five DropShips using thin wires. The experiment failed and the resulting destruction of the Invader caused a Trial of Grievance. Which was played out on July 4th in the Savannah system. The ovKhan chair was taken out for the trial. The Trial was carried out by the scientists themselves; they presented evidence of the costly loss of an Invader class JumpShip. Scientist Kif decided to plead guilty before the jury could reach their verdict, and volunteered to be abjured from the Scientist Caste.

OvKhan Petr Kalasa was haunted by his past failures which were due to his arrogance. These included losing the market on Chamdo that led to a deadly conflict; the lost chance to build an enclave on Chesterton; the lost colony around Klathandu IV.[4]

SaKhan Sennet, ovKhan Kalasa's commander, had sent Delta Aimag to Prefecture VI and VII to establish new markets, and communicate with worlds that had been left in the "dark" of the HPG blackout for two years.

Petr had left his Aide, Jesup, in the dark as to why he was bypassing various worlds such as Augustine.

June 15th, the Voidswimmer arrived at Adhafera in Prefecture VIII of the Republic of the Sphere. There Petr had hoped to break into new markets on a world that had been isolated for so long. A world that had never met Sea Foxes before. Landing in the demilitarized Overlord-C DropShip, Ocean of Stars. The ovKhan met with Adhafera's First Governor. He rebuffed the governor's dinner invitation politely asks to see people of the Merchant House so he and his people.

However, when deal nears, ships of the Beta Aimag arrived in system, as they had been secretly tracking the Voidswimmer's movements.

ovKhan Sha Clarke announced that there be a Trial of Bloodright, to win the Bloodname of Sennet between the two Khanates, approved by Khan Hawker. Petr suspected, among others, that it was not coincidence that the two should meet in such an isolated system.

On Adhafera, he fought with his Aimag against Beta Aimag, but lost the trial to them. Petr was injured while fighting in his Tiburon against Sha Clarke's Sphinx.[5] He received disfiguring scars on his face.[6] Days later, Sha came to Petr as he was recovering and to see how he was doing. Petr confronted Sha about his actions, that of acting only in the interest of his Khanate and not for their Clan as a whole. He indirectly answers, that for same reason why Clan Sea Fox changed its name from Sea Fox to Diamond Shark and then again to Sea Fox; was for survival; to adapt to new situations. Sha believed he was right to change the Clan to something else, to adopt new changes. He felt that the Clan's leadership was eroding its ability to survive.

SaFactor Tia, lead negotiator for Delta Aimag came to see the recovering ovKhan Petr and told him that they were losing ground to Beta Aimag's saFactor. Also that since the arrival of Beta, Merchants of Adhafera had been playing both ends to meet their needs. Tia commented that her opponent, saFactor from Beta was gifted. Petr asked her if she was failing him. She said, would only fail him if she didn't use ALL her skills and then failed. She felt the concessions being asked to be made were becoming unprofitable.[7] Petr finding it Beta would be waste to continue to out negotiate them. So he orders to delay resolution of negotiations, take their time. He then believed meeting with his saKhan, whom is located in the Tania Borealis system help him proceed going forward.

By August 10th, the Voidswimmer traveled to the Tania Borealis system, where the Spina Khanate's command ship was currently positioned.

Petr and Jesup took a shuttle to the 2.5 million ton ArcShip Poseidon. Meets with saKhan Mikel Sennet in his residence on board the ship's Alpha Community Prime. In his meeting with saKhan Sennet, the saKhan accused him of being jealous of saKhan Clarke. He also tells him he knows what the saKhan is up to, but with no evidence of wrongdoing that he would not act. Frustrated, Petr apologized and returned to the Voidswimmer, having the ship move back to Adhafera.

On the 29th, an Inner Sphere JumpShip arrived, disrupting the talks between Adhafera's Trade Master Tidinic and the two competing Aimags. The feeling there needs to be resolution, since the Adhafera trying to have each Aimag to concede a better offer. The Sha approached Petr and agreed it was time for a Trial of Possession to negotiate with Adhafera Traders. They select warriors, to fight a proxy battle between the two ovKhans, and in end Sha's Beta Aimag wins. Next day, Petr goes to meet Snow, to find information she has come up with. Meeting her in a rundown so-called Canopian Pleasure Circus, which disgusts him further by the sights and smells.

She took him to witness an unexpected sight, a fight between a four-armed creature named a Nolan (species), which was pitted against people who are dressed in ancient gladiator costumes. There she bargained with him that if he would interfere with the invasion of Stewart by the Marik-Commonwealth, she would give him hard evidence that Sha Clarke had been negotiating a secret bargain with the invading Clan Jade Falcon.[8]

On September 8th, Petr and saFactor Tia met again with Master Trader Tidinic, as come find out that Beta are leaving planet. No longer negotiating with them. Petr gives Tidinic ultimatum of consent to the completely new offer of trade. He gives 72 hours before he and his clan's DropShips depart the planet. Petr instructs Jesup to find someone among the remaining Beta Aimag personnel whom may know of Sha Clarke's dealings with the Jade Falcons. On the 8th, Petr learns that Beta Aimag is pulling out completely from the planet. Citing "accidents" on both a out-bound DropShip and at the planetary compound, prompt OvKhan Clarke declared the planet enemy territory.

This action prevented Petr to find the evidence he needed to prove Sha Clarke's guilt & denies Delta to successfully cut a deal with the planet's traders. In the midst of pulling out on the 10th, Petr tries to think of reason why where Clarke is going and how he will get this evidence he needs. Then in night, Snow arrives in sneak suit and presents the mentally broken Elemental Croin of the Beta Aimag. Who was witness of Clarke's dealing with the Falcons and possessed the recording device from his Elemental suit recorded the event.

Petr departed the planet to Voidswimmer, where recently arrived on the 21st, when an incoming JumpShip nearly jumps into the same space as his ship. He manages with extensive damage to Delta Community, move the ship out way with its seldom-used Interplanetary Engines.[9] The incoming ship turns out to be Spina Khanate's flagship, Poseidon. The event of near death of most of his Aimag opened his eyes for the first time. That his own selfishness, that he not been working for greater good of Delta Aimag, but only himself.

With this in mind, he went to saKhan Mikel Sennet, and presented him with the evidence he needed to prove that Sha Clarke had been working to splinter the Clan and kill the Khan.[10] The saKhan is put into a state of shock, disbelief, as they watched events that the Battle Armor ROM presented to them.

Petr motion that their only course was to find the Khan, before it was too late to prevent the destruction of their Clan. SaKhan agrees and dispatches entire fleet. SaKhan asks how to deal with Sha, which Petr volunteers to take a Scout Class JumpShip, his personal Trinary to pursue and destroy Sha Clarke.

After arriving in orbit above Stewart on September 26th, Petr had his DropShip, Ocean of Stars, hold station and observe what was going on. With only a mixed Trinary of troops on hand to kill Sha, he needs be wisely pick out where Sha's command was. Observing number Marik-Stewart troops fighting the local militia for control of the planet. Jesup confronted him about Petr's waiting, urging immediate action instead of waiting.

An argument ensued, with Petr stating he wanted to make sure Sha Clarke would not escape. Petr compared Sha's possible escape to that of the Ghost Bears allowing the Clan Wolverine to escape and damage they brought by escaping them.[11] He would want revenge on the Clan after he and fellow clansmen ended his dream.

On the ground the next day, Stewart is in the midst of a Civil War. Where Legate is leading pro-Republic Militia forces against the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth forces and Earl Stewart his pro-Marik forces.[12] Petr and his forces tried avoiding engaging with Marik and Republic forces. However, the fog and chaos of the battlefield led to clashes between all the combatants. Petr encountered an Inner Sphere Panther which attacked him, but he quickly dispatches due to extensive damage it has. He called out for Petr whom is lost in chaos and fog of the battle outside New Edinburgh's DropPort, only finds Sha Clarke. Clarke greets him as he approaches, Petr thanks him for helping to recognize his selfishness, that he would make sure Clarke would be remembered. Making way through fog to him, to fight him one on one, Petr discovers that Jesup standing next to Clarke's Sphinx.

Petr gets out of his 'Mech and meets Sha and his men, which include Jesup in their numbers. Petr calls, Trial of Annihilation on him and his people, which includes Jesup. Sha tells him, that Jesup had joined up with him because Petr was not seeing him and other as with other that joined him beyond a balance sheet.

Petr & Sha go hand to hand in agree to fighting the Trial of Annihilation. Should Sha lose, he, his genetic legacies, sibkos, and those of his allies who stand with him will be destroyed. The two fight hand to hand, Sha taking advantage of Petr's injuries while piloting his Tiburon, knock him down. The two continue knock each other down. Petr finally understanding he needs to put everything aside from including his life to defeat Sha and his machinations. Uttering the words I am Clan Sea Fox, he makes his final assault on Sha, defeating him.

November 1st, Petr has received summons by the Khan to meet with him at ilKhanate. He also received a datacube recording from Snow. In the message Snow told him that he had held up his end of the bargain by saving Stewart from falling into Marik-Stewart Commonwealth's clutches. She admitted she was not actually with the Republic's Intelligence Agency, Snow suggesting that Petr simply drop the matter. As promised, she reported that the Republic will owe the Sea Foxes a favor, and she said that if ever needs him. He only needs to drop call for "Snow", he would receive a datacube waiting for him.

Fortress Republic Era[edit]

May 12th, 3136 - ovKhan Petr traveled to Miaplacidus and delivered a Savage Wolf BattleMech to Anastasia Kerensky.[13]

In September, Spirit Cats Star Colonel Rikkard Nova Cat made a bargain with the ovKhan to transport his expedition aboard the Voidswimmer to the world of Marik.[14] After delivering the Spirit Cats to their destination. Rikkard issued a Trial of Possession for the planet. Petr sensing possibilities from Rikkard's trial for the planet. He selects remain in contact with him, in case something more came about that may favor the Sea Foxes.

Petr's people received word on February 14th, 3137, that the Spirit Cats' Galaxy Commander Kev Rosse had been assassinated. Petr's people relayed the information to Rikkard's people on Marik as they had been fighting a months-long battle for the planet.[15]

In April 28th, Rikkard Nova Cat contacted ovKhan Petr for military assistance in securing Marik. In exchange, the world would become a co-occupied world and a Clan Sea Fox warehouse world.[16]. Petr accepted, and the joint forces of both clans taken the planet easily.

The Oriente Protectorate's Captain-General Jessica Marik sent a request to Marik on April 28th, 3138. The request was a petition for the Spirit Cats and Sea Foxes to assist in garrisoning nearby worlds. Initially both Rikkard and Petr whom are joint leaders of the Clan colony scoff at the request as nothing more than a form of mercenary work. Lady Julietta whom has become Political Aide to Clan enclave, suggested they see it in a different light. She instructed them on the concept of what a Protectorate is. She suggests, taking up the request, but handling it differently. Inviting the worlds they have been asked to garrison to join them as part of a new Protectorate, which becomes known as the Clan Protectorate. The Sea Foxes began to bargain with the leaders of those worlds to give them better deals with their output of exports and provide better protection than Oriente could do since they were being stretched thin.

In February 3rd, 3139 - Petr and Rikkard received an invitation to join coalition forces as part of Operation Homecoming. The taking of Atreus, however, it would be under Oriente Protectorate's command. Initially both Petr and Rikkard refused. Lady Julietta initially, convince them dangers of not doing something. This operation would be lead to the reformation of the Free Worlds League, if Protectorate does not participate, it will be seen as form of dishonor. She prevailed on them to view it as a matter of honor. If that they keep their promise to help, it would elevate the Protectorate's status in the League.

The Voidswimmer under the direction of ovKhan Petr jumped into Atreus system on the 21st of April as part of the Operation Homecoming's liberation forces. Star Colonel Rikkard Nova Cat's forces were onboard on stand by to assist ground efforts.

On 24th, a Regulan JumpShip fleet of three Star Lords consisting of with 5th Regulan Hussars and Captain-General Lester Cameron-Jones arrived in system. They were immediately scared off by the Voidswimmer, with all its weapons locked on to the Star Lords. The threat of the larger ship caused the Regulans to withdraw from the Atreus system.[17]

On July 3rd, the ovKhan Petr arrived on Atreus to witness the installation of Jessica Marik as the unified Free Worlds League's Captain-General.

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Mikel Sennet
saKhan of Spina Khanate
3140 - ????

Succeeded by


  • Petr Kalasa is a noted MechWarrior and pilot of a Tiburon BattleMech

Character Notes[edit]

After the Battle of Stewart with ovKhan Sha Clarke, Petr had his head's hair surgically removed, leaving him bald. One side of his head was marked by hideous scars, and the other without hair. His baldness of his undamaged side of his head was represent his scars underneath, prices he paid for his choices.[18]

He was a cunning merchantman as well as a skilled MechWarrior. He was considered to be brilliant in his drive to take Delta Aimag from obscurity to competitive glory with the leading Aimag of his Khanate. His only flaw was that his rashness and arrogance could cloud his judgment.[19]


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