Mikel Sennet

Mikel Sennet
Affiliation Clan Sea Fox


Mikel Sennet was a Clan Sea Fox Trueborn warrior, and served as the saKhan of the Spina Khanate fleet early in the thirty-second century. Physically, Mikel was described as being a brute of a man. He stood at 2.4 meters tall, and had brown hair and pale skin. Rumours had it that his mother was an Elemental. He had three residences aboard the massive ArcShip Poseidon, including a command stateroom, a cabin on his command DropShip, and a residence situated in Alpha Community Prime.


At the direction of his Khan, Mikel Sennet moved his Khanate to the Republic's Prefecture VII in the summer of 3134. His task was to help restore communication between the Prefecture's worlds via trade, following the collapse of the HPG grid in 3132. During this time one of Mikel's Aimag, Beta began plotting in secret to split off the Aimag from the rest of the Sea Fox Clan.

OvKhan Petr Kalasa came to see Mikel in early August, and voiced his concerns over Beta's ovKhan Sha Clarke and his activities. However, Mikel disregarded Petr's arguments; he put them down to the ovKhan's jealousy over Clarke's success. He told Petr that he was aware of Clarke's recent activities, but in truth Mikel did not know what Sha Clarke was planning.

In September, the Poseidon jumped into the Adhafera system weeks earlier than planned. This almost resulted in a collision with Petr Kalasa's own CargoShip, the Voidswimmer. Mikel at first felt that he was at fault for causing a number of fatalities aboard the Voidswimmer.

When Petr arrived aboard the Poseidon Mikel began to apologize for his losses, but Petr had a more pressing matter to discuss. He had with him footage taken from an Elemental Battlearmor's ROM, that proved to be damning of Sha Clarke. The footage showed Sha Clarke meeting with members of Clan Jade Falcon and discussing a plan to kill the Khan of Clan Sea Fox.

After viewing the footage, Mikel Sennet was deeply shocked by Sha Clarke's betrayal. He agreed to Petr's proposed deployment of the Khanate fleet to locate the Sea Fox's Khan at all costs.[1]


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