Skate Khanate (Clan Sea Fox)

Skate Khanate
Affiliation Clan Sea Fox
Parent Command Clan Sea Fox touman


The Dark Age[edit]

Centered around the Potemkin-class ArcShip Atlantean, the Skate Khanate operated in a territorial region that encompassed the Capellan Confederation and elements of the former Free Worlds League and the Capellan March region of the Federated Suns. The Confederation swiftly proved itself to be a prickly and difficult customer, and as the thirty-second century descended into open warfare the Confederation became increasingly difficult to deal with following the resurgence of Capellan nationalism within the Confederation.[1]

OvKhan Jesup Hammod met with Anastasia Kerensky when she was the leader of the Steel Wolves to trade the Mad Cat II from Kal Radick.[2]

By 3145 the Skate Khanate found itself dealing with difficult trade issues in the former Free Worlds League region as well as in the Confederation. The union of the former Marik-Stewart Commonwealth and the Oriente Protectorate caused the Skate Khanate territory to overlap with that of the Spina Khanate, and Spina Khanate's increasing commercial activity within the reborn Free Worlds League made it likely that saKhan Arkady Sennet would need to renegotiate territories and compensation with his Spina Khante counterpart, saKhan Petr Kalasa.[1]

Within Confederation space the Skate Khanate faced the prospect of the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces attempting to "requisition" the property of the various non-Capellan traders operating within the borders of the Confederation. While the CCAF hadn't mustered the audacity to attempt to do this to a Clan Sea Fox vessel up to this point, a number of associated traders had seen their JumpShips and cargo seized. Sennet responded to each seizure by increasing sales of military hardware to the Capellan March every time a vessel was seized.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Skate Khanate
saKhan Arkady Sennet 3145[3]




Composition History[edit]


- In 3145, the Spina Khanate was based around the ArcShip Atlantean, with the various Aimags operating from a number of other ships. Alpha, Delta, and Epsilon Aimags were all operating from Merchant Carrack-class transports—the Thalassa, Pelagic, and Oceanus, respectively—while Beta Aimag was based around the Potemkin-class cruiser Abyssal and Gamma Aimag was based around the Carrack-class transport Tethys.[4]
Known DropShips[edit]


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