Kev Rosse

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Kev Rosse.jpg
Kev Rosse
Character Profile
Born 3094
Died 30 December 3136
Affiliation Spirit Cats
Rank Galaxy Commander
Position Senator of Ozawa[1]
Parents Derrik Rosse (father)[2]
Amanda Wilton (mother)[2]

Kev Rosse was the founder, leader, and heart of the Spirit Cats, an offshoot of Clan Nova Cat based in The Republic of the Sphere. He created the Spirit Cats to return his Clan and people to a "purer"[3] type of society. He led the Cats until his assassination by a unknown sniper on the world of Addicks.


Early life[edit]

Kev Nova Cat was the free child of Nova Cat trueborn Derrik Rosse and Republic Forces Major Amanda Wilton.[2] on Shitara in the Nova Cat Prefecture.

Oathmaster Juno Devalis had a spiritual vision the day of his birth. His father's Bloodname of Rosse, from the old Gaelic tongue, means island, and Kev was the only free birth to a trueborn Nova Cat warrior on that day. Kev was accepted into a sibko and raised as a Nova Cat warrior.[2]

A powerfully charismatic ristar, he went on his first vision quest at the age of sixteenth, and his second was at eighteen on the eve before his Trial of Position. He only shared his visions with the Nova Cat Oathtyro (the leader of Nova Cats who live within the borders of the Republic), but both were revolving on his future as a warrior.[2]

Paired in his trial of position with Cadet Thermopyle, also of the Rosse Bloodright, Thermopyle threw the entire match into chaos when he fired on one of Kev's opponents and instigated a full melee for which he leave only seconds as he was killed by a stray PPC. Kev faced six live opponents, but although his own 'Mech was rocked by severe fire, Kev Rosse held his ground for several long moments as he fought to take one enemy machine with him, something he managed with his last salvo which penetrated a flaw in one of his opponent's armor and ruined enough reactor shielding to shut down that 'Mech as well. Kev graduated as a Warrior of Clan Nova Cat and was posted to a line unit in Prefecture III.[2]

By 3121 he was a Star Colonel and won the Rosse Bloodname. Three years later he won a Galaxy Commander slot of the Nova Cat forces based in The Republic of the Sphere.[2]

By Clan right, Kev Rosse now represented the local Nova Cat population and his award of a Senatorial seat came automatically.[2]

Creation of the Spirit Cats[edit]

Prior to the fall of the HPG network in 3132, Kev Rosse had a horrific vision of a large predator stalking the Inner Sphere. The HPG Blackout reinforced Rosse's belief in his vision, leading to his decision to create a new Nova Cat lineage, the Spirit Cats. Driven by his visions and his "cult of personality"[4], the new faction migrated from world to world trying to find a safe haven.

Senate Career[edit]

On the 25th of June 3132 Rosse proposed a massive increase in military spending for the Republic Armed Forces to the Republican Senate.[5]

Spirit Cats Quest[edit]

While he was leading Spirit Cats quest for a safe haven, he was contacted by Benjork Nova Cat, who used a special courier to send him a message explaining him that after the events on Alkalurops, he had another vision where he had foreseen the death of The Republic of the Sphere.[6]

Personality and Philosophy[edit]

Before he was killed by a sniper, former Republic Senator Kev Rosse founded the Spirit Cats, a group dedicated to the ideals of Clan Nova Cat. Just what those ideals are (besides following their "visions") is up for debate, as the Spirit Cats have been wandering more or less aimlessly since Rosse was killed.

Kev Rosse's frequent visions are balanced by his practicality, making him a valuable asset to the Spirit Cats. Recently, his visions revealed to him an imperative for the Spirit Cats to find the place that will allow them to achieve the next stage of their destiny, and he has begun sending teams to explore planets with the potential to fulfill this vision. More personal is his recent vision of a large predator stalking the Inner Sphere. He looks forward to defeating the fulfillment of this vision one on one.


Kev generally prefers 'Mechs light and fast, but he had a special spot for the Cave Lion, which he used when in combat with Shiva Keshik; indeed, he seems to have embraced "Anima" as a totem 'Mech.


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