Gray Death Technologies

Gray Death Technologies
Gray Death Technologies.jpg
Corporation Profile
AffiliationLyran Alliance
HeadquartersEast Dunkeld (Glengarry III)[1]
Product(s)Battle armor

Gray Death Technologies was a battle armor manufacturer based in the Lyran Alliance.

Corporation Description[edit]

Gray Death Technologies was founded following the Gray Death Legion's destruction in 3065. As a joint effort between former Gray Death Legion personnel and Defiance Industries, it consisted largely of former technicians from the defunct mercenary command, including Richard Leone, a cousin of the late Legion infantry commander Thomas Leone. The battle armor produced by this company were suits originally conceived by the Gray Death Legion's techs.[1]

The company operated during the early years of the Jihad, when in 3068 the company was looted by Word of Blake forces raiding the factory. Brewer's Legion, operating under a security contract to Defiance Industries, was slaughtered.[2] In 3073, GDT was able to restart a production line and produce a new version of their armor dubbed the "Gray Death Strike Suit."[3] This suit was popular with the troops who were assigned to it, and led to further interest from Defiance Industries. Ultimately this interest led to the complete buyout of Gray Death Technologies by Defiance, who relocated the production lines for the Gray Death-branded battle armor to Furillo in 3080.[3]


Gray Death Technologies has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Glengarry:
Component Type
Battle Armor
Gray Death Scout [4] light battle armor
Gray Death Standard[5] medium battle armor
Gray Death Heavy[6] heavy battle armor


  • After GDT was purchased by Defiance, it would likely be overseen by the CEO of Defiance Industries Furillo location.


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