Experimental Technical Readout: Steiner

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Experimental Technical Readout: Steiner
Product information
Type Technical Readout (PDF)
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Randall N. Bills (Development Assistance)
Primary writing Herbert A. Beas II
Pages 31
Cover Artwork Ray Arrastia (Cover Design & Layout)
Interior Artwork Ray Arrastia, Joel Bancroft-Connors, "BV Smasha!" Sebastian Brocks, Christopher "Chunga" Smith, "Techno Wizard" Jason Tighe (Record Sheets)
Shane Hartley, Steve Walker, Matt Heerdt (BattleTech Logo Design)
Illustrations Doug Chaffee
Brent Evans
Duane Loose
Justin Nelson
Matt Plog
Brian Snoddy
Franz Vohwinkel
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35XT007
First published 24 February 2011
MSRP $4.95
Era Jihad
Age of War
Series Experimental Technical Readouts
Preceded by Experimental Technical Readout: Marik
Followed by Experimental Technical Readout: RetroTech


The eleventh part of CGL's PDF exclusive mini-Technical Readout or TROlet series, Experimental Tech Readout: Steiner (abbreviated XTRO:Steiner) provides examples of experimental and primitive technology produced by the Lyran Alliance.

From the back cover[edit]

Steiner Know-How

The devastating assaults of the Jihad have ravaged many of the factories that made House Steiner’s Lyran Alliance the epitome of industrial and commercial might. For the first time in centuries, Hesperus II was seized by a foreign power, and even the capitol world of Tharkad lived under the yoke of the Word of Blake. But now that the Word is in retreat, and the industrial giants of the Alliance are racing to rebuild, new weapons and techniques are coming into play. Employing technologies for the next generation, the engineers of House Steiner are determined to prepare their realm for wars yet to come.

Experimental Technical Readout: Steiner samples the custom and prototype designs that have begun to turn up in testing labs and top-secret proving grounds of the war-torn Lyran Alliance. Each design featured in this book incorporates some of the latest technologies developed by the realms of the Inner Sphere as the war against the Word of Blake winds toward its final conclusion. These technologies—first described in Tactical Operations—have yet to achieve widespread production, but each has been prototyped and rushed to the field for their desperate consumers. Statistics and Record Sheets are included for 13 new experimental BattleMechs, vehicles, aerospace units, and battle armor designs presented in this book, ready for play in advanced BattleTech games.


  • Introduction
by Assistant Director Edgar McKinnley, Defiance Industries, 18 November 3080


The cover art was originally used for sourcebook Field Manual: Lyran Alliance, but was modified by Ray Arrastia for PDF.

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