Experimental Technical Readout: Primitives, Volume 3

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Experimental Technical Readout: Primitives, Volume 3
Product information
Type Technical Readout (PDF)
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Randall N. Bills
Brent Evans (Development Assistance)
Primary writing Christoffer Trossen
Pages 32
Cover Artwork Ray Arrastia (Design and Layout)
Interior Artwork Joel Bancroft-Connors
Sebastian Brocks
Christopher Smith
Jason Tighe (Record Sheets)
Illustrations Doug Chaffee
Duane Loose
Justin Nelson
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code CAT35XT004
First published November 3, 2012
MSRP $4.95
Era Jihad
Age of War
Series Experimental Technical Readouts, Primitives Sub-Series
Preceded by Experimental Technical Readout: Phantoms
Followed by Experimental Technical Readout: Succession Wars, Volume 1


The eighteenth in CGL's PDF exclusive mini-Technical Readout or TROlet series, Experimental Tech Readout: Primitives, Volume 3 (abbreviated XTRO:Primitives Vol3)is a departure from the usual series of "modern" designs using Experimental Technology. This third volume in the "Primitives" series of XTRO's is devoted to Age of War designs, providing full fluff, stats and Record Sheets of six BattleMechs, a Support Vehicle, two Combat Vehicles, a Transport aircraft, and a single Conventional Fighter, as well as a JumpShip and a DropShip built with Primitive Technology. It contains new rules for the Prototype K-F Boom and Dropship Docking Collars, reprinting the rules for prototype ferro-fibrous armor.

Publisher's Description[edit]

Ancient Wonders

Before there was even a Star League, the technologies taken for granted in the thirty-first century went through their awkward paces in a universe newly opened to humankind. In an age when the BattleMech was nearly unknown, when the DropShip was a new concept, and when tanks and fighters dominated the battle zones, the technology of the day was primitive by modern standards… and each new design with an experiment unto itself.

Experimental Tech Readout: Primitives, Volume 3 samples more of the early technology designs that dominated the universe of BattleTech during the pre-Star League Age of War period. Each design featured in this book demonstrates the primitive technology level of the first generation of BattleMechs, the last generation of Combat Vehicles (before the ’Mech supplanted them), and the low-tech aerospace units that flew above them. Although many were ultimately upgraded to “modern standards” and shown in Technical Readout: 3075, the units featured here reflect these designs as they were when first introduced to the universe they fought for. Statistics and Record Sheets are included for 13 Primitive BattleMechs, vehicles, aerospace units presented in this book, ready for play in advanced BattleTech games.


  • "Introduction"
Dr. Saga Brest, 28 October 3079

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  • This product was misidentified as Experimental Technical Readout: Primitives Volume 2 on the credits page.