K-F Boom

The Kearny-Fuchida Drive Boom is a piece of aerospace related equipment that is used to allow any vessel attached to a JumpShip hardpoint to safely be carried through hyperspace. Its invention spawned the JumpShip/DropShip duology and rendered DropShuttles obsolete.

Equipment Description[edit]

Kearny-Fuchida Field Conducting (KFFC) Booms, also known as the K-F Boom, are a defining part of a DropShip's construction and an integral part of their Docking Collar.[1] (K-F Booms may also be found on some non-DropShips, such as semi-mobile Space Stations.)

The K-F Boom is the technology that extends the JumpShip's K-F field to an attached DropShip. This allows JumpShips to carry docked DropShips, without needing to house them in internal bays as had previously been the common practice with DropShuttles.[2] Essentially the ship with the K-F Boom plugs into the JumpShip's computer and K-F drive so that it can account for the DropShip's size and mass when jumping.

For what seem to be technical reasons rooted in Kearny-Fuchida theory, DropShips cannot exceed 100,000 tons in mass. It has been noted, though, that DropShips or other structures which exceed the 100,000 ton limit might as well be equipped with their own K-F Drive. This is due to the cost of the K-F Boom for larger vehicles that would make it economically unfeasible.[2][3]


The K-F Boom is only mentioned in scattered references throughout the first three core rulebooks.


Game Rules[edit]

Critical Hits on K-F Boom: if any portion of the K-F Boom is damaged, it will not allow the unit/element which possess the Boom to travel through hyperspace until the K-F Boom is repaired.[4]

Generally, a K-F Boom takes 60 minutes to 6 hours to repair, depending on equipment being used to repair it.[5]

Prototype K-F Boom[edit]

Prototype K-F Booms were available after 2462, and were replaced by standard K-F Booms in 2470. Prototype K-F Booms were integrated into the DropShip and so had no mass, but cost 1,000,000 C-Bills. It was possible to refit DropShips that lacked K-F Booms with the equipment, but this took thirty days and cost twelve million C-bills.[1]


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