Defiance Self-Protection Force

Defiance Self-Protection Force
Unit Profile (as of 3024)
Nickname The Force of Last Resort
Parent Formation Defiance Industries
Formed 2852

The Defiance Self-Protection Force or Defiance Security Force, is the unit charged to protect any factories of Defiance Industries. During the FedCom Civil War, they would support Katherine Steiner-Davion's Lyran Alliance. They would take heavy losses fighting against the Skye Rangers on Hesperus II and reformed into Brewer's Legion.



The Defiance Self-Protection Force was formed in 2852 by Baron Ivor Brewer, in order to defend the Defiance Industries facility on Hesperus during the Seventh Battle of Hesperus II. The first recruits to join were volunteers and factory workers who were trained to be Mechwarriors. The security Mechwarrior's sacrifice was so valiant, that Baron Brewer would keep the BattleMech regiment active in honor of the fallen warriors.[1]

Operation EXCALIBUR[edit]

Fifteenth Battle of Hesperus II

Civil War[edit]

During the FedCom Civil War, Skye Separatists would work to cripple the factories of Defiance Industries on Hesperus II. The only defenders of the attack were the Security Force and the Gray Death Legion Mercenary Unit, who managed to put up a good defense. While the attack was successfully repelled it came at heavy cost, the Defiance Self-Protection Force would take heavy losses and the Legion was effectively destroyed in the process. Fortunately, survivors of the fallen mercenary unit would reform as a part of the Protection Force under the name of Brewer's Legion.[citation needed]


They would serve as Defiance Industries main security force until their destruction by the Word of Blake during the Jihad.[citation needed]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Defiance Self-Protection Force
Duke Greydon Brewer 3024
Duke Daniel Brewer 3068 - 3070[2]



Colors and Insignia[edit]

The Defiance Self-Protection Force paints their equipment in dark red and gold. The insignia is a picture of the political figure, Alfred E. Newman with the quote "What me worry?" on the logo.[1]


The Uniforms of the Defiance Security Force is the same of the LCAF infantryman, but with white and blood red colors instead.[1]


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