Caesar Steiner

Caesar Steiner.jpg
Caesar Steiner
Character Profile
Born 3003[1]
Died 27 February 3068[2]
Affiliation House Steiner
Rank General
Title(s) Duke of Furillo
Margrave of Cavanaugh Theater
Profession Noble
Parents Iris Steiner (mother)[1]
Children Reinhardt Steiner[3]
Karl Steiner[3]

Caesar Steiner was a notable member of the House of Steiner. He served in the LCAF, AFFC, LAAF and Second Star League Defense Force, and was considered one of the most respected officers in the Commonwealth.


Early Life[edit]

Born in the city of Telesian, capital of Furillo, Caesar was the only son of Duchess Iris Steiner and an unnamed father. Spoiled by his mother, Caesar spent most of his time pursuing women, food and drink.[4] His mother's connections and his family name kept him mostly out of trouble, enough so that he was able to attend the Nagelring.

Second Donegal Guards[edit]

Despite his off-field antics, Caesar was a gifted strategist and leader, leading him to be moved up the ranks quickly, becoming one of the youngest Colonels in history at the age of 22, leading the Second Donegal Guards. He would come to be associated strongly with the unit, which adopted the name "Caesar's Legion" while he was in command.[5] While his sensualist nature and personal improprieties caused problems, his value on the battlefield was now what kept him away from most legal trouble, thanks to the patronage of Archon Katrina Steiner.[4] According to a story told by Caesar's granddaughter Claudia in 3128, the LCAF offered to change the unit's official nickname in his honor, but Caesar declined.[6]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

The Fourth Succession War had just begun when the 900th anniversary of Caesar's regiment was upon them. Caesar decided to order his unit to depart their garrison and jump into Combine territory, where he looted a distillery. Upon his return to Lyran space, Caesar was arrested and was briefly placed in a stockade before Katrina pardoned him. His unit then used their spoils to celebrate.[6]

War of 3039[edit]

Promoted to the rank of Leutnant-General, Caesar was placed in command of a task force to take Kessel as part of General Nondi Steiner's Operation WINTERSCHNEE. On April 15, 3039, one day before the official start of the conflict, Lyran marines secretly took control of the zenith recharge station, clearing the way for the rest of the offensive to jump in the next day. Without the station's advance warning, the Twelfth Sun Zhang Cadre was left with little time to prepare. It mattered little, though, as a single cadre regiment stood little chance against the forces the LCAF had committed.

Caesar's Second Donegal Guards, now reorganized as an RCT, landed with the Fourth Skye Rangers RCT, commanded by the newly promoted William Harrison von Frisch and an independent 'Mech regiment, the Eleventh Lyran Regulars, made planetfall on April 19, skirmishing with DCMS pilots on the way in. Steiner and von Frisch wasted no time in luring the inexperienced DCMS cadets out of position and picking them apart on their way to seize Kessel's capital city, Sverdlovsk. On April 27, following a retreat by the Sun Zhang cadets to their waiting DropShips, Steiner declared himself military governor of the system, though he refrained from declaring an outright victory.[7]

The Yakuza were a major force on Kessel, but stayed their hand until the ISF made contact on June 29. On July 12, they made their move, staging a campaign of bombings and attacks that killed or injured 126 of the task force's soldiers, including an act of sabotage on an atmosphere processor. Local pro-Commonwealth groups such as the Kessel Freedom Fighters, who had long resisted the Combine, retaliated with a series of bloody reprisals that may have been aided by the Eleventh Regulars. Suddenly, Caesar's task force was facing an all-out guerrilla war when they had prepared to deal with a smaller insurgency.

Things went from bad to worse when Caesar began receiving reports of 'Mech attacks on garrison positions. The Sun Zhang cadets hadn't left, but had sent their DropShips on without them and stayed hidden, waiting for this moment. Caesar realized this meant they were expecting reinforcements, which arrived in the form of the Second Sword of Light on July 16. Rather than hole up in the city and risk damage to the atmosphere processors that all two billion inhabitants of Kessel relied on, he dispersed his forces near the spaceport on the southern continent and challenged the DCMS commander to meet him there.

The Sword of Light, along with the Fifth and Twelfth Sun Zhang cadres, accepted the challenge. The battle began on July 29, characterized not by typical Lyran tactics but Caesar's typical focus on mobility and adaptability, with the Second Donegal forming a mobile reserve to probe at the Combine lines for weakness. When the Eleventh Regulars broke in the face of a Sword of Light advance, Caesar took personal command of the reinforcements, stopping the Combine within 50 meters of regimental HQ. His intervention pushed the DCMS commander to pull back. The two sides would continue to skirmish through September, but the ensuing battles were mostly a series of inconclusive probing battles rather than the all-out confrontation of before.

The campaign came to an ignominious end when ISF agents destroyed the LCAF ammunition depot on September 3. Caesar called for reinforcement or resupply, but the high command was already beginning to pull back into a defensive position. Realizing there was little hope for victory and pessimistic about the task force's ability to hold out against renewed Combine assault, Caesar told his subordinate officers he planned to withdraw on October 5. The last units would leave Kessel on October 9.[8]

Generalship and the Star League Defense Force[edit]

In 3032, Reinhardt Steiner, Caesar's first son, was born. Sometime after that, he had a second son, Karl.[9] By 3049, Caesar Steiner had risen to the rank of Marshal in the AFFC, commanding the Ford Theater.[10] Around this time he also first met Colonel Thomas Hogarth, who Caesar suspected had intentions towards his mother.[11] Caesar would subtly harangue Hogarth until his death, though Hogarth would ironically pledge his loyalty to Caesar after the FedCom Civil War.[12]

Following the Lyran secession, he found himself back in a Lyran uniform, but was swiftly reassigned. Following the formation of the Second Star League Defense Force, it was decided each nation would have its own theater, commanded by a Star League General. Some nations took the post very seriously and assigned one of their best officers. Katherine Steiner-Davion, however, used a different approach. Viewing Caesar as too influential to simply remove and too opposed to her policies to retain in the LAAF, she appointed him to the position of SLDF General for the Lyran Theater.[13]

Federated Commonwealth Civil War[edit]

Unlike his colleague, Ardan Sortek,[14] Caesar did not immediately resign from the SLDF and join the fighting in the FedCom Civil War. Instead, he attempted to maintain his distance to uphold the SLDF's neutrality, though he did voice his approval of Reinhardt's unit, the Tenth Lyran Guards, and their actions.[15] It was only when the Skye Revolt came to a head on Hesperus II that he decided to intervene. It is rumored that Steiner's first move was to hire The Bounty Hunter to abduct two key aides of John Dundee, the military deputy of Robert Kelswa-Steiner[16]

Caesar was one of the people with whom Victor Steiner-Davion shared the evidence he had compiled tying his sister Katherine to the murder of Archon Melissa. Caesar later said that he found it quite convincing.[17]

Leaving his post in SLDF command, Caesar journeyed to Giausar, where he called upon the combatants to cease fire on 11 December, 3065. Out of respect for him, they obliged, and Caesar enlisted the aid of his old unit, the Second Donegal Guards, to put an end to the fighting on Hesperus II.[18] Though the unit was badly bloodied from years of fighting on Giausar, they tipped the battle in favor of the loyalists.

Caesar and the Second Donegal dropped on Hesperus II on 19 January, 3067. The unit fell immediately onto the rebel Skye Guard's position, nearly killing General Maria Esteban in the process. The unit's lightning strikes swiftly destroyed the command center of the Fourteenth Lyran Guards[3] and destroyed three quarters of the remaining Thirty-second Lyran Guards.[19] The Guards also captured what Free Skye DropShips remained on-world and so, with neither escape nor victory an option, Free Skye surrendered four days after Caesar's planetfall.[20]

Reconstruction and Assassination[edit]

Having matured greatly from his time as a troublemaking Colonel, Caesar was now noted for his political astuteness and martial acumen. These combination of assets led him to be appointed General of the Armies pro tem, as well as one of Peter Steiner-Davion's top advisors.[3] When the reorganization of the LAAF was finally complete, he was a General, commanding the Second Donegal Guards and serving as Margrave of Cavanaugh Theater. Additionally, he composed the LAAF update that was included in Field Manual: Updates for Archon Peter. Following the death of his mother Iris in the fall of 3067, Caesar inherited the Duchy of Furillo as well. Thanks to his recent deeds, political clout, and new titles, he was even an oft-mentioned candidate for Archon (though Caesar denied having any designs towards the throne, possibly due to his poor health).[21][22]

However, Caesar's time in these positions was not long, as he was assassinated on 27 February 3068 by agents from the Free Worlds League,[2] although the loyalty of the agents was unknown at the time. The most obvious culprit was felt to be the Word of Blake, who took out several major players in the early Jihad to destabilize the Great Houses, and few officers in any state had as many responsibilities as Caesar at the time. Caesar's personal ties to Archon Peter and his involvement with the ill-fated Whitting Conference may have also played a role in his assassination. Another possibility was the Free Skye movement, who took advantage of Caesar's death to push Bolan Province in to aiding them in a private war. Likewise, they had motivation in that Caesar was personally responsible for ending their most recent revolt.

A formal public memorial was held for Caesar on 30 March, 3068 in Tsalagi Park on Bolan. Robert Kelswa-Steiner was in attendance at the memorial, where he proclaimed that the Free Worlds League had been responsible for Caesar's assassination and used it as an impetus to launch a second wave of attacks.[23]


While not intentionally named for him, many Lyran MechWarriors increasingly adopted the Caesar BattleMech during the Word of Blake Jihad as a means of honoring the assassinated Caesar Steiner, a station akin to the spike in interest shown for the Victor by the pre–Clan Invasion Federated Commonwealth and its then-heir Victor Steiner-Davion.[24]

In the years following the Jihad and Caesar's granddaughter Claudia assuming power, the Furillo Steiners would be titled Grand Duke of Furillo,[25] a title reserved for highly influential families, such as House Kell after Morgan's ascent to prominence.[26]


Damn straight.
  — General Caesar Steiner after the Second Battle for Kessel.[27]
Let no man, be it dictator or be it brother, stand between another man and liberty.
  — Marshal Caesar Steiner, 25 April 3063, in a letter to his son Leftenant General Reinhardt Steiner[28]


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