Robert Kelswa-Steiner

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Robert Kelswa-Steiner
Character Profile
Born 3034[1]
Affiliation House Kelswa-Steiner
Title(s) Duke of Porrima[2]
Duke of Tamar (title only)
Profession Noble
Parents Ryan Steiner (father)
Morasha Kelswa[3] (mother)
Spouse Hermione Aten[2]
Children Margaret Steiner[4]
Gregory Kelswa-Steiner (illegitimate)

Robert Kelswa-Steiner was a House Steiner nobleman, Free Skye separatist leader, politician, and Duke of Porrima and Skye. He was the son of rebellious Duke Ryan Steiner.


Robert Steiner was an ambitious politician. He grew up sharing his father's ambitions to gain power. After his father's assassination in 3056,[5] he cultivated the leadership position among the members of the Free Skye movement. His movement threatened the stability of the Commonwealth. By 3062, at dawn of the FedCom Civil War, Robert had stirred nationalist feelings in his old Isle of Skye to bring about a more solid rebellion against Archon Katrina Steiner-Davion. The attack and annexation of the Lyons Thumb region by the Draconis Combine, played in Robert's favor.[6]

In 3065 Robert married the heir to Skye, Hermione Aten.[7] After the untimely demise of everybody else in the line of succession, he became the Duke-consort of Skye. He and Katrina Steiner-Davion had been politically dancing around one another since the beginning of the Civil War. He had blocked Victor Steiner-Davion from using any of his worlds for his war against his sister. Nonetheless, he had caused enough rebellious antics that he was arrested on order of the Archon. This played into Robert's plans to stir up more rebellious acts, as he was taken to prison on Donegal.

After he was imprisoned, the rebellion moved to a new phase, with many planets declaring their support for Robert's Free Skye. His former Chief of Staff, John Claverhouse Dundee, became the General of the Armies of Skye.[8]

Robert was freed from prison by Morgan Kell and the 25th Arcturan Guards on 2 October 3066. His bid for control of his own state died when Caesar Steiner and the 2nd Donegal Guards snuffed out their hopes for seizing Hesperus II. But Robert pivoted his calls from full-on independence to a greater autonomy for Skye.[9] In the wake of the civil war, Robert changed his rallying cry to that of obtaining Skye a status similar to that of Clan Wolf-in-Exile under the Arc-Royal Accords.[10] In 3067, Robert and Hermione celebrated the birth of a child, Margaret Steiner[4] Robert was also recognized as the commanding officer of the Skye Rangers brigade.[11]

Following a two-day raid on Skye launched by the rogue Free Worlds League WarShip the FWLS Percival and troops wearing the colors of the Sirian Lancers on the 4th of February 3068, Robert declared war on the Free Worlds League, calling on all troops loyal to the Isle of Skye to join in the defense of Skye.[12][13][14] The following month, he called for the Bolan Province to join him, saying that the League had assassinated their margrave, General Caesar Steiner.[15]

Robert arrived on Donegal in early December 3076 at roughly the same time as General Belle Lee. Already on Donegal were Field Marshal Katheryn Sandoval-Ito of the AFFS and Tai-shu Isoroku Kurita of the DCMS, leading to media speculation that the officers were on Donegal to plan an invasion of the Word of Blake Protectorate.[16] Robert would later serve as the first Commanding Officer of the Lyran front of Operation SCOUR, the allied coalition campaign to liberate the Protectorate. Robert was critically injured during the battle for Phecda in January 3078, which led to him passing command of the front to Gregory Kelswa-Steiner.[17]

On the 14 February, after Group IV had completed the conquest of Phecda, Robert gave an interview to Marlena Stockheart of SBC; the Duke made a point of highlighting that Gregory Kelswa-Steiner's performance to date and his grasp of matters such as logistics and strategy as a part of Operation SCOUR had attracted praise from many quarters, including saKhan Ivan Kerensky, the Duke's second in command. Robert also discussed the loss of his leg, evading the question of whether he would ultimately obtain a cybernetic replacement, and confirmed his reasons for stepping down from command of the Lyran front while pointing out that he would remain a part of the command staff.[18]

Family and Legacy[edit]

Robert and his wife had a daughter, Margaret Steiner, but during the Jihad, Gregory Kelswa-Steiner was widely known as his heir. An intelligence briefing prepared internally by General Motors and published online in early 3077 indicated that Gregory was illegitimate.[19]


Skye will not go quietly into the darkness of night, but will instead cast her shadow into the hearts of her enemies
  — Robert Kelswa-Steiner in 13-Feb-68 after the FWL attack on Skye
Today, we have driven these invaders from out world. Tomorrow – when the time is right - we will take the fight right back to the Captain-General's door
  — Robert Kelswa-Steiner in 13-Feb-68 after the FWL attack on Skye


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