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  • May: a raid strikes the planet Larsha.
  • May 23rd: DCMS hardliners openly attack the Free Rasalhague Republic to prevent its secession, launching what will later be called the Ronin War.
  • June 15th: Camerons Legion mercenary unit capture the Ronin-held Kiudo fort on Bruben, at the cost of 60% of their BattleMechs.
  • June: The newly formed KungsArmé and DCMS loyalists succeed in defeating the rogue units, concluding the Ronin War.
  • June: The Ninth Rasalhague Regulars are destroyed on Engadin by the Second Genyosha.
  • The Arms of Thor mercenary unit successfully fend off a Circinus Federation assault on the Illyrian Palatinate.
  • The Circinus Federation conquers Dersidatz.