Edward Calderon

Edward Calderon
Died March 3034
Affiliation House Calderon
Parents Thomas Calderon (father)
Katherine Calderon (mother)
Siblings Janice Calderon
Ian Calderon
Felix Calderon
Jeffrey Calderon

Edward Calderon was Thomas Calderon and Katherine Calderon's first born child. He was born before his father assumed the Protectorate in 3017, exact date unknown.[1]


By 3027 though, he is credited with ruling at least 5 separate worlds in the Concordat; Burton, Brisbane, New Ganymede, Sterope and Ishtar.[2] Sadly, Edward was killed in a DropShip accident in March of 3034.[3] The loss of Edward Calderon also cost Thomas a perceptive adviser just when he needed one most. Edward had been popular, and many had looked forward to his assumption of the Protectorship—especially Taurian business interests, many of whom had counted on Edward to open trade relations with the Federated Commonwealth. Edward did not share his father’s mania about the "perfidious Davions," and was at least cautiously willing to deal with them as a market for Taurian goods. [4] His death set off a domino of heir-apparents starting with his sister Janice Calderon, then to his brothers Ian Calderon, Felix Calderon and finally Edward's youngest sibling Jeffrey Calderon who eventually replaced his father Thomas in 3055 as Protector.[5] Edward's death is considered to be the trigger for Thomas Calderon's mental decline and subsequent unhappiness/resentment of the Taurian citizens.[6]


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