Janice Calderon

Janice Calderon
Janice Calderon.jpg
AffiliationHouse Calderon
ParentsThomas Calderon (father)[1]
Katherine Calderon (mother)
SiblingsEdward Calderon
Ian Calderon
Felix Calderon
Jeffrey Calderon


Early Life and Career[edit]

Janice Calderon was the only daughter of Thomas Calderon and his wife Katherine Calderon. After her brother Edward Calderon's death in 3034 Janice became Thomas's heir; she was only fourteen years old.[2] Though young, Janice nonetheless did her best to shoulder the burdens that had so unexpectedly fallen to her. In June of 3034 she embarked on a grand tour of the Concordat, charming the people with her vitality, beauty and sober acceptance of her new position. Janice's popularity helped temper growing disenchantment with Thomas Calderon by giving the disaffected some hope that things would change upon Janice's succession. This hope however, was lost when in 3038 Janice contracted the Brisbane Virus while visiting that world. Within two years she was confined to a wheelchair from the slow degeneration of her nervous system. Intensive therapy and medication allowed her limited use of both her arms, but her strength was gone; she could no longer function as the Concordat's ruler. In 3040 the heir apparent fell first to her brother Ian Calderon who abandoned the Concordat in 3042 then to her next brother Felix Calderon who was neither able nor willing to be Protector; he later disappeared in 3046. Only Thomas's youngest child, Jeffrey Calderon remained to succeed him.[3]

As of 3059 Janice is Protector Jeffrey Calderon's senior advisor and one of his staunchest allies. She enjoys immense popularity among Concordat citizens for her courage and her considerable charm has endeared her to her people. Her unwavering support has enabled the Taurians to easily accept the sometimes startling changes her brother has brought to the Concordat since his succession. Though the ravages of the Brisbane Virus have kept her in a wheelchair, Janice refuses to give into her illness. She travels regularly to the Magistracy of Canopus for advanced treatments to combat the Virus.[4]

Rumors have circulated lately (3064) that the Federated Suns' NAIS University has found not only a cure for Brisbane Virus, but also a procedure for reversing the nerve damage. This might enable Janice, now only 44, to recover some of her strength and retake the Protectorship. Unfortunately, relations between the Canopians and House Davion are strained by the formation of the Trinity Alliance. Protector Shraplen has so far refused to readmit the Federated Suns' Ambassador to Taurus.[4]


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