The Last Charge

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The Last Charge
Product information
Type Novel
Author Jason M. Hardy
Pages 304
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
First published 4 December 2007
ISBN-10 0451461835
ISBN-13 978-0451461834
Era Dark Age era
Timeline 13 February - 13 June 3138
Series MechWarrior: Dark Age Novels
Preceded by Fire at Will
Followed by To Ride the Chimera

The Last Charge, by Jason M. Hardy, is the twenty-ninth novel in the MechWarrior: Dark Age series. It was first published in December 2007 by Roc Books and was later republished in September 2022 by Catalyst Game Labs as a BattleTech Legends title.

The novel continues the story of the Lyran Commonwealth and Clan Wolf's joint invasion of the former Free Worlds League.

From the back cover[edit]

Anson Marik is at his wit's end. The Lyrans are pressing on his borders. His chief tactician has resigned. And his abilities as a leader are failing him. Now his enemies are on the move, taking the Commonwealth planet by planet, forcing Marik to pull his forces back in a bravely-fought running retreat. And if Marik cannot gather his strength to stop the invasion, his people will be doomed...


This book continues the Lyran/Wolf invasion dubbed Operation HAMMERFALL. The fiery and abrasive Captain-General Anson Marik struggles to keep the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth from being overrun, with the recreated Silver Hawk Irregulars at the forefront of the defense. On the other side of the war Trillian Steiner oversees the invasion on her cousin's behalf, trying to keep in check her two most powerful subordinates Duke Vedet Brewer and Star Colonel Alaric Wolf, who are often at odds with each other and Trillian.

Ultimately Anson Marik falls to the Lyrans during a last stand on Stewart, after which the LCAF halts the invasion. With his death the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth begins falling apart, leaving his rival Jessica Marik poised to reunite the Free Worlds League under her leadership.

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