Divided We Fall

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Divided We Fall
Product information
Type Novella
Author Blaine Lee Pardoe
Cover Artwork Tan Ho Sim
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code CAT35900NV
First published 18 May 2020
ISBN-10 1947335227
ISBN-13 978-1947335226
Era Dark Age Era
Timeline 13 April 3149 - 10 December 3150

The novella Divided We Fall written by Blaine Lee Pardoe continues the story of Wolf's Dragoons at the end of the Dark Age era. It is the twenty-third novella produced by Catalyst Game Labs.

An unabridged audio book edition narrated by Tren Sparks was released on Augut 21 2021 [1].

From the back cover[edit]


At long last, the Clans’ campaign for the Inner Sphere is about to come to a head. Alaric Wolf is preparing for his biggest moves yet…and is willing to reach out to just about any force that can help him achieve his ultimate goal—the conquest of Terra.

To do this, he sends one of his own on a very special mission. Marotta Kerensky is a Wolf warrior unlike any other—the perfect candidate for a mission unlike any other: convince the legendary Wolf's Dragoons to rejoin the Clan they originally came from.

But when Marotta reaches the mercenary unit, he finds them unit quite different from the storied force of more than a century ago. The times have vastly changed since then, and the Dragoons have as well…or have they? Driven to accomplish his mission at any cost, Marotta allies with a Dragoons officer on a risky gambit that may help him deliver what his Khan wants…or tear Wolf's Dragoons apart forever.

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Though a novella, Divided We Fall includes the full technical specs of the new Dominator 'Mech.