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Seth Ward

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Seth Ward.jpg
Seth Ward
Character Profile
Born 3087[1]
Died 18 July 3143[1][2]
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Rank Khan

Seth Ward (born 3087 – died 18 July 3143, aged 56 years) was a warrior of Clan Wolf who would rise to become Khan during the Dark Age era.[1]


Born from the genes of Elsa Ward from which he inherited ability in battle from, however he did not inherit her physical looks. Seth was pale and slender with thinning hair and a face scarred by childhood acne. Despite his physical drawbacks, for which he had to consistently prove himself worthy of being a warrior because of, young Seth developed a cunning and ruthlessness that ensured his success in the Clan. First being the only one of his sibkin to pass their Trial of Position, and then winning his coveted Bloodname in 3113. Sometime during his rise to the pinnacle of the Clan he found himself under the spell of Katherine Wolf, whom he began a political relationship with.[1]

With support from Katherine and her allies, Seth won the Khanship in 3122. His rule was marked as occasionally harsh, however he maintained good relations with the Wolves living in the Republic of the Sphere, acting as an advisor during their social conflicts in the early 3130s.[1]


He presided over the move and the invasion of the Free Worlds League as Clan Wolf's part in Operation HAMMERFALL, before leading his Clan in their betrayal. It was on Tharkad during that action that it was assumed he was killed by a Loki assassin.[1] In reality, Alaric Wolf saved him the attempt on his life. Recognizing the opportunity to become Khan of Clan Wolf, Alaric immediately slashed Seth's throat with the assassin's poisoned blade and laid the blame on the assassin.


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