Star League (3151–)

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Star League
Faction Profile
Time period: 3151 – Present
Classification: Coalition
Capital world: Terra
Ruler title: ilKhan
Military: Star League Defense Force (SLDF)
Secret Service: Watch

The Star League was recreated in 3151 after the fall of the Republic of the Sphere.[1] This third incarnation was inaugurated by Clan Wolf with ilKhan Alaric Ward as its leader and was still in existence a century later.


Fall of the Republic[edit]

During the fight on Terra, Devlin Stone and his Republic forces were suffering the brunt of the fighting between Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon. This changed however when Exarch Damien Redburn enacted a plan to destroy both Clan leaderships under the guise of a false-flag operation. Although reluctant to approve the plan, Stone accepted it as the only means to end the war. Though the plan seemed sound, it backfired when Redburn killed the wrong target and in turn, was killed himself. Although Damien did not live to see it, his plan caused the downfall of the Republic as Stone would surrender to both Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon to discuss further terms. The Exarch offered himself to the Khan as a bondsman to the Wolves, but an angered Alaric refused his offer. With few options left, Devlin Stone disbanded the Republic of the Sphere.

Trial for ilClanship and Afterwards[edit]

After the fall of the Republic, Khans Alaric and Malvina enacted one final trial to end their rivalry once and for all, the ilClan Trial. This trial was a "winner-take-all" challenge that would decide not only the fate of Terra but the entire Inner Sphere, too, as the winner would become First Lord of the Star League and ilKhan with the title of ilClan. Mirroring the Refusal War from long ago, both sides mauled each other until Clan Wolf was the victor. After the battle, Clan Wolf ruled Terra, with Clan Jade Falcon acting as the bodyguard for the ilKhan and Clan Smoke Jaguar bound to the ilClan.

ilClan Era[edit]

Later in the Star League's history the Blackout's impact upon the Inner Sphere faded, although this did not occur until some years after "the Last Annihilation". As noted by Loremaster Stephan Roshak the so-called Dark Age Era preceding the ilClan's rise was often derided retrospectively as a literal "dark age", even the peaceful and prosperous decades prior to the HPG collapse.[2]

Clan Snow Raven willingly joined the IlClan. In 3152, they easily conquered the Federated Suns world of Milligan. Their forces, with or without Alaric's permission, wore the Cameron Star of the Star League.[3]

The decision on whether or not to join the new Star League left Clan Ghost Bear and its fellow denizens of the Rasalhague Dominion split almost down the middle. While the Joiner faction eked out a very narrow victory in a plebiscite on the question, ilKhan Ward rejected the result due to the Dominion's divided loyalties, resulting in the brief but bitter Dominion Civil War and the announcement of a second referendum on the issue.[4] [5]

By 3250 the League had well-established arenas where warriors fought duels or historical reenactments. Some of these warriors used state-of-the-art BattleMechs, while others (usually novices or poorer MechWarriors) piloted older designs. Gunslinger Jázon Marik was a noted participant in these arenas.[6]


While the exact makeup of this Star League's government is unknown, it did include an ilKhan and a Loremaster.[1] Territory-wise, the League excluded as least part of the Periphery.[7]

Dissenting forces such as the Lost Command and "Renegades" had emerged as opponents to the League by 3250. Units known as Auditor Clusters were tasked with seeking out unauthorized industry and military manufacturing throughout both the League and the Periphery, in part to forestall these dissidents' efforts.[8] [7]


The SLDF Regular Army was revived at some point and appeared to be a separate entity from the Clan toumans. Members of both sought to attain the coveted status of Gunslinger, which was modeled (with some changes) on the Republic's Knights and likewise offered role models for the public and other military personnel to aspire to.[2]


  • Though the third incarnation of the Star League, individuals in-universe have yet to refer to the "Third Star League". See this article's talk page for the details on the article's naming structure.


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