Chaos Campaign

Chaos Campaign
Product information
Type Rulebook (PDF)
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Primary writing Ben Rome
Paul Sjardijn
Pages 7
Cover Artwork Matt Heerdt
Illustrations Klaus Scherwinski
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35600
First published 2008


Chaos Campaign is a free e-book that provides the core rules for utilizing the Warchest point track system for a campaign. It draws on the system utilized in the starterbooks and expands some of it, including the salvage rules. Players who want more detail will find rules for converting Warchest points into C-bills. Finally, the PDF contains a blank and sample Warchest Campaign Record Sheet to keep track of Warchest points.

The Campaign book would become the foundation of series of PDF-exclusive products produced by Catalyst Game Labs.

Publisher's Description[edit]

A time of chaos and confusion. A time of trials and troubles. A time colored in war.

Conflicts continually rage across the Classic BattleTech universe. Raise your faction's flag as you wage war across alien worlds for king and empire, seeking your place in legend.

The Chaos Campaign ebook is a free download, providing the core rules for the open-ended "track" campaign framework. This source enables gamemasters and players to use a variety of published tracks (such as those found in the Jihad Plot Sourcebooks of Blake Ascending, Jihad Hot Spots: 3072, and the Jihad Turning Points e-books) and combine it with forces of their own creation to play out pivotal moments in BattleTech history.

Each track that plugs into the Chaos Campaign rules system (there are no tracks found in this Chaos Campaign PDF) provides a back story that fits into the overall campaign plot. Likewise, each track is set up as a general framework to assist gamemasters and players in creating the opposing forces and adding other battlefield effects specific to that track. In addition, using the Warchest Point System, player groups may choose what direction the campaign takes.

The Total Warfare core rulebook is required to use the Chaos Campaign. Tactical Operations and Strategic Operations are recommended for use with the Chaos Campaign.


  • How to Use the Chaos Campaign
    • Tracks
      • Using the Tracks
      • Player Force Size
      • Opposing Forces
      • Assigning Units
      • Maps
    • Campaign Special Rules
      • Force Special Abilities
      • Forced Withdrawal
      • Crippling Damage
      • Salvage
  • Warchest Point System
    • Getting Started
      • Warchest and Tracks
      • Warchest Debt
    • Warchest Points Between Tracks
      • Purchasing
    • Skill Advancement
  • Ending the Campaign
    • Warchest Campaign Record Sheet


  • The PDF can be downloaded here.