Malcolm Buhl

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Malcolm Buhl
Character Profile
Born 3076
Died 3141
Affiliation ComStar
Profession Director of ComStar Special Projects

Malcolm Buhl (30763141)[1] was Director of ComStar's Special Projects branch as well as secretly the leader of the neo-Blakist Blessed Order faction within ComStar.


Early Life[edit]

Buhl's exact origins are a mystery, with evidence they have been deliberately obscured. Though the public record indicates that Malcolm was born to Gerard and Elaine Buhl, a husband and wife technical team working at the hyperpulse generator station on the Federated Suns world of Cahokia, agents of the Republic Armed Forces's Department of Military Intelligence were not able to find any records at the Cahokia station of either a Gerard and Elaine Buhl having served there, nor of a child being born there in 3076.[1]

Malcolm Buhl's first verified appearance was his enrollment and graduation from a ComStar secondary school on Markesan, followed by his acceptance into ComStar's advanced HPG program on Terra, impressing his teachers with his innate grasp of the concepts and issues surrounding interstellar communications. After graduation from this program, Buhl would serve as station chief for the HPGs on Odessa and Caph, before being promoted to the head of ComStar's cornerstone Communications branch, overseeing the workings of the entire HPG net. Remaining in this position for five years, Primus Lisa Koenigs-Cober then selected him to head up the newly created Special Project branch in 3117.[1]

Gray Monday[edit]

In the immediate aftermath of Gray Monday, as director of Special Projects Buhl tasked with assembling a research team to tackle the HPG Blackout. Enlisting Carole Ackerman as the head of this team, Malcom Buhl created the Cassie DeBurke Institute for Hyperspatial Studies to solve the problem. One of Ackerman's students Tucker Harwell would ultimately devise a means of restarting an HPG and Buhl, then holding the rank of Precentor Omega XVIII, dispatched him to test his theories on the HPG on Wyatt. Delighted when Tucker actually succeeded but also mindful that the Republic of the Sphere, Oriente Protectorate and Clan Spirit Cat all sought the young technician's expertise, Buhl chose to send the secretly re-formed First Division of the Com Guards to ensure his return to ComStar, considering the public revelation worth the price to acquire Tucker.[1] [2]

Buhl didn't expect that Harwell had joined the Republic's side. After being rescued by Knight Alexi Holt, he revealed his base's location. The Republic sent forces to hunt Buhl and his 1st Division, forcing them to retreat to his base on Epsilon Eridani.[citation needed]

Death and Legacy[edit]

However, Republic forces followed them there. Precentor Buhl and most of his executive staff were killed when the base's command post was stormed, and the remaining Guards fled the battle, but they were killed soon after, and Buhl's Blessed Order died with him. All ComStar remaining assets inside Fortress Republic were forcibly absorbed to the Republic.[3]


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