Spotlight On: Unending Faith

Spotlight On: Unending Faith
Product information
Type Sourcebook Companion
Development Joshua C. Perian & Ray Arrastia
Primary writing Joshua C. Perian
Pages 21
Illustrations Chris Lewis
Duane Loose
David White
Doug Chaffee
Brent Evans
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CAT35SN107
First published October 26th, 2018
MSRP $3.99
Era Civil War Era
Dark Ages
Timeline 3087
Series Spotlight On
Preceded by Spotlight On: First Marik Protectors
Followed by Spotlight On: Holt's HillToppers


Spotlight On: Unending Faith (abbreviated SO:Unending Faith) is the fourth in a series of campaign supplements designed to details on combat units featured in the BattleTech Universe.

SO: Unending Faith provides the background of the unit, the first Level III of the re-formed post-Jihad Com Guards' First Division, and its covert combat actions for the Blessed Order prior to Gray Monday.

Also in this book: Listing of character profiles of its notable members per three eras in which the unit was active in, force composition at its notable moment in its history, alternate game options/stats for Total Warfare, Alpha Strike, Abstract Combat System and provides Alpha Strike Data Cards for all eras.

Publisher's Description[edit]

Nearly every faith in human history has had its militant, stalwart protectors of the light ready to cast down those who would question the true path. The vision of Blessed Blake is no different. The creation of the Republic and its disbanding of the Com Guards cast a deep shadow, but true faith endures. Now, amid a Dark Age, the light of Blake is needed more than ever and the Blessed Order stands ready to share it with the Inner Sphere. For the warriors of Unending Faith, the end of the Com Guards was only the beginning.

Spotlight On: Unending Faith includes a Unit History, Personalities, Personnel Rosters, Mission Tracks, and data for use with all scales of BattleTech play.


  • Instruction
  • Unit History and Description
Traditions and Tactics
Force Composition
Uniform and Insignia
  • Personalities
Jacob Kenyon
Ina Findlay
Lache Grozda
Patricia Harwell
Tama Grover
Petr Boyd
Amit Issel
Tyla Singletary
Cameron Borochaner
Galen Yo
  • Personal Roster
Republic Era
Dark Age Era
  • "Stone Walled" - Scenario
  • "On the Fringe" - Scenario
  • Total Warfare / Alpha Strike Special Command Abilities
  • Abstract Combat System Combat Teams


  • Unlike other sourcebooks, Spotlight On: Unending Faith lacks an explicit table of contents. The list shown here was assembled from page headings.
  • Reused Art from previous BattleTech books was used in this product. The artists were not credited as part of the product