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Joshua C. Perian

Joshua C. Perian
Occupation Author, Assistant Editor & Product Line Developer
BattleTech forum handle Knightmare

Joshua Perian is a writer and assistant novel editor who worked on several BattleTech sourcebooks and is Product Line Developer for the Micro-PDF series Spotlight On and Touring the Stars series.


Spotlight On[edit]

Touring the Stars[edit]

Unpublished Works[edit]

  • Gladiator Gazette was to provide a close look at individuals, equipment, and locations associated with the various game worlds such as Solaris VII and beyond. Ideas for the Gazette were folded into the Shrapnel Magazine.
  • Milestones focused on putting players on the front lines of key Inner Sphere events of the late Dark Age and beyond, such as Operation Damnatio.
  • OpFor was a publication series dedicated to detailed small, specialized units of lance, Star or Level I size with more character and less randomness than randomly-generated opponents. These specialized units were paired with Alpha Strike Lance packs and would give players instant Alpha Strike opponents for their tabletop games.