Spotlight On: Stone's Trackers

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Spotlight On: Stone's Trackers
Product information
Type Sourcebook Companion
Development Joshua C. Perian & Ray Arrastia
Primary writing Aaron Cahall,
Philip A. Lee (Editing),
Chris Marti (Data Cards)
Pages 19
Cover artwork Ray Arrastia (Graphic Design & Layout)
Illustrations Matt Plog (uncredited)
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CAT35SN102
First published 16 March 2017
MSRP $3.99
Era Civil War Era,
Jihad Era,
Dark Age Era
Timeline 3105
Series Spotlight On
Preceded by Spotlight On: Crescent Hawks
Followed by Spotlight On: First Marik Protectors


Spotlight On: Stone's Trackers (shorted as SO:Stone's Trackers) is the second in a series of campaign supplements designed to details on combat units featured in the BattleTech universe.

SO: Stone's Trackers provides the background of Stone's Trackers from its inception as secret Clan Nova Cat ops unit 212th Nova Cat Headhunter Binary to its later years as the 212th Special Operations Battalion in service of the Republic of the Sphere. The book gives players opportunities to play the unit in different Battletech campaign game formats and eras.

Also in this book: list of character profiles of its notable members by era in which the unit was active in, force composition at notable moments in its history, alternate game options/stats for Total Warfare, Alpha Strike, and Abstract Combat System, and provides Alpha Strike Date Cards for all eras.

Publisher's Description[edit]

Backstabbers. Assassins. Cowards. Dezgra.

To the elite headhunters of Stone's Trackers, these labels mean nothing. The only true measure of a warrior is success, and the Trackers will go to any length to ensure that Devlin Stone's vision does not falter.

Forged in the flames of the Jihad from a secret Clan Nova Cat unit and comprised of Inner Sphere and Clan veterans alike, the Trackers take on the missions too dirty for regular commands to touch. Masters of infiltration, ambush, and marksmanship, they are the ghosts at the edge of the firelight, the wraiths that even MechWarriors have learned to fear.

From the battlefields of Operation SCOUR to glory of the Capellan Crusades, Stone's Trackers hold to a code of honor of their own making, one that demands victory at any cost.

Spotlight On: Stone's Trackers includes a Unit History, Personalities, Personnel Rosters, Mission Tracks, and data for use with all scales of BattleTech play.


  • Instruction
  • Unit History and Description
    • Traditions and Tactics
    • Force Composition
    • Uniform and Insignia
  • Personalities
    • Elijah Lossey
    • Aiko Ueda
    • Jaidev "Jai" Patil
    • Mira
    • Farah al Aawar
    • Sa'id al Aawar
    • Dorian Košar
    • Esteban de la Rosa
    • Gaëlle Charbonneau
    • Edan
  • Personal Roster
    • Succession War Era
    • Jihad Era
    • Dark Age Era
  • "Head of the Snake" - Scenario
  • "Auspicious Incident" - Scenario
  • Total Warfare / Alpha Strike Special Command Abilities
    • 212nd Nova Cat Headhunter Binary (3078) - Stiletto Alpha Star ('Mech)
    • 212nd Nova Cat Headhunter Binary (3078) - Stiletto Beta Star ('Mech)
    • 212nd Nova Cat Headhunter Binary (3078) - Scythe Star (Battle Armor)
    • 212nd Nova Cat Headhunter Binary (3078) - Scythe Company (Jump Infantry)
    • 212th Special Operations Battalion (3112) - Command Battalion (Jump Infantry)
    • 212th Special Operations Battalion (3112) - Stiletto Company (Jump Infantry)
    • 212th Special Operations Battalion (3112) - Scythe Company (Jump Infantry)
    • 212th Special Operations Battalion (3112) - Sickle Company (Jump Infantry)