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System Information
X:Y Coordinates-67.26 : -8.337[e]

The Wyatt system is the location of at least one habitable world or construct and as of 3152 was located in the Wolf Empire.[1]

System Description[edit]

Wyatt is located near the Callison and Dubhe systems. The system lies three jumps Anti-spinward from Terra.[2][3]

System History[edit]

The Wyatt system was settled at some point during or before the first half of the twenty-fourth century.[4] By the end of the Reunification War, Wyatt was a member of the Tyrfing Province of the Terran Hegemony.[5]

Political Affiliation[edit]


Moons1 (Holiday)[42]
Atmospheric pressure(Breathable)[43]
Government and Infrastructure
Noble RulerDuke of Wyatt
CapitalWyatt City[15]

Planetary History[edit]

Star League era[edit]

After the Amaris Coup, the system was the site of a space battle. There, Rim Republic warships managed to intercept and destroy the SLDF warship TAS Dreadnought.[44]

First Succession War[edit]

Wyatt was annexed by the Free Worlds League early in the First Succession War, but the Marik Militia forces assigned to Wyatt withdrew in late 2790, leaving the planet open to conquest. The League had honored the titles of the Roark family on Wyatt when the world was annexed from the Terran Hegemony, in exchange for the Roark's fealty. That fealty was tested when two Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces regiments—the Fourth Donegal Guards and Fifth Lyran Guards—arrived to annex the planet in January 2791. A Lyran negotiator attempted to persuade Baroness Althea Roark to switch her allegiance to the Lyran Commonwealth, the previous Baron—Althea's husband—having left with the Star League Defense Force on the Exodus. But Althea's son and daughter, former Captain Stephan Roark of the SLDF and his sister Dana, were opposed to breaking their oaths to House Marik, as was Stephan's uncle, retired SLDF General Bartolomeo Roark. The defending forces on Wyatt consisted of the Wyatt Militia—a force that can muster barely four lances of 'Mechs—and the personal 'Mechs of House Roark, which were dispersed around the various Roark landholdings across the world. Stephan and his allies fought against the annexation, but were undercut by the Baroness, who aligned House Roark with the Commonwealth to preserve the family's position on Wyatt.[15]

Third Succession War[edit]

In July 2868, the Free Worlds League once again attacked Wyatt. Elements of the 12th Marik Militia clashed with the 6th Lyran Regulars within the Napier County area. The two units became mired down into a giant melee that would force both units to be disbanded after reinforcements from both sides arrived on world.[45]

In 2991, the Free Worlds League launched a retaliation raid against the Commonwealth forces on Wyatt. The purpose of this attack was to capture several Chippewa fighters for study. Several Dispossessed pilots with infantry support were dropped in secret on world. This team then infiltrated an airfield and flew off with six Chippewa fighters. Only four of these fighters eventually made it to Marik space and were later put into service with the Free Worlds League Military.[46]

Captain-General Janos Marik sent the Beta Regiment and Gamma Regiments of Wolf's Dragoons to raid Wyatt in 3016. The opening attacks from the Dragoons targeted and destroyed a key command and control center that the Lyran's had thought was in a secret location. In the initial confusion from the attack, the Dragoons hit several targets and then faded away into the rugged terrain that made up the desert world. However, the defending Eleventh Lyran Guards and Seventeenth Arcturan Guards recovered quickly and flooded likely hiding spaces with reconnaissance drones, scout lances and heavy air cover. For the Dragoons, what began as a raid became a deadly game of hide and seek in the ravines and valleys of Wyatt.

During the fighting on the ground, the Dragoons' DropShips were stationed in-system ready to evacuate if necessary. When the Lyrans finally found the Dragoons, the commanders of both regiments sent the order for the six Overlord Dropships to come pick them up. Lyran fighters immediately launched an assault against the incoming DropShips. During the fighting, the Utah Beach and Sendalor were heavily damaged, but were able to land with the others in the Libre Valley to pick up the ground forces. As the six ships lifted off, the Lyrans redoubled their efforts and the Sendalor was sent tumbling to the ground, taking a battalion of Wolf's Dragoons with it.[21]

In recognition for these losses, Janos Marik sent Jaime Wolf a gold and firestone right engraved with "In memory of Sendalor".[47]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

In October 3028, Wyatt was targeted by the Free Worlds League Military as a part of Operation DAGGER, the offensive planned by Captain-General Janos Marik to seize valuable industrial worlds in the Federation of Skye. Wyatt was a particular target of DAGGER because of the presence of two Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces line regiments, the Eleventh Lyran Guards and Seventeenth Arcturan Guards; while the Fifth Regulan Hussars and Twenty-fifth Marik Militia jumped into the Wyatt system intent on destroying both regiments, other FWLM regiments were capturing the Milton and Phecda systems in an effort to isolate the Lyran forces.[23]

Unfortunately for the two League regiments, the two Lyran regiments had been forewarned of the attack. The Hussars arrived at a pirate point allowing them to make an immediate drop on the surface of the planet, while the Militia appeared at the zenith jump point—only to find the Eleventh Lyran Guards waiting at the jump point, with the 'Mechs embarked on transports and aerospace fighters patrolling. Before the Militia could launch fighters the Eleventh's aerospace fighters began strafing attacks, with pairs of Chippewas and Lucifers each launching a single attack before withdrawing. The cumulative damage destroyed two Unions and a Leopard; worse still for the Militia, one of the DropShips was transporting a battalion command staff, and when it was destroyed, not only were those staff killed, but the DropShip then exploded, damaging a number of neighboring DropShips as they separated from their Invader-class JumpShip. With the Militia forces frantically trying to form up, the Eleventh retrieved its fighters and jumped out to the Alchiba system, while the Arcturan Guards jumped for Cor Caroli.[23] Although the plan to destroy the two Lyran regiments was unsuccessful, the League did capture Wyatt.[24]

The Jihad[edit]

A full eclipse with the planet's moon made for a full blackout that generated chaos on the planet.[42]

Following the invasion of the Free Worlds League by the Skye and Bolan Provinces of the Lyran Alliance in what was termed Operation ÜBERSCHATTEN, Marshall Jeremy Brett took command of the local FWLM and launched a counteroffensive, under the name Operation BROKEN FIST. BROKEN FIST went beyond simply attempting to recapture worlds that the Lyrans had seized, striking into Lyran space at numerous worlds. Wyatt was one of the worlds hit and was captured by the League on 1 September 3068.[35]

As a part of the fighting on Wyatt in 3068 the Bowie Industries plant was hit by a pair of 50-kiloton cobalt-laced nuclear weapons which devastated the plant and nearby Earhardt City. Multiplying the long-term effects of the nuclear strike against the Bowie plant was a Class Nine storm which spread the fallout across a wide swath of the planet. So much of Wyatt's farmland was contaminated by fallout that the previously self-sufficient world was placed under a Famine Order, with food having to be imported until soil along the equatorial belt could be cleansed of radiation. Estimates at the time indicated that local Sauget fisheries would take at least twenty years to recover, and that without substantial assistance from the Free Worlds League or the Lyran Alliance, Wyatt would never recover to the point of having a self-sustaining economy again. The possibility that Wyatt would be unable to survive without imports and would become a dead world was considered very real.[48]

Later in the Jihad the Word of Blake incorporated Wyatt into their Protectorate. Wyatt was one of three worlds to be liberated in January 3078 by forces from the allied coalition fighting on the Lyran front as a part of Operation SCOUR.[49]

Dark Age[edit]

After the Jihad, Wyatt was annexed by the Republic of the Sphere.

When the Blackout struck in 3132, Wyatt was somehow erased from thousands of star charts in addition to losing HPG communications with the wider universe. While still not totally isolated this increased Wyatt's status as a backwater, which Jacob Bannson, through his local associate Rutger Chaffee, took advantage of to secretly ship in mercenaries and equipment, and provide him with a potential rabbit hole.[50]

By 3135, Wyatt's HPG had been chosen by ComStar to play host to an attempted restoration. While the first attempt failed, the second, overseen by technical genius Tucker Harwell, proved successful and on 5 May 3135, Wyatt's HPG had transmitted and received data with its counterpart on Thorin.[51]

As many had anticipated, Harwell's success attracted the attention of other interested parties and Wyatt saw fighting between several factions throughout May that year, all intent on securing both the now-valuable planet and/or Harwell himself. These included the Republic's Wyatt militia, the Eagle's Talons from the Oriente Protectorate, Chaffee's Cut-Throats, a mercenary force affiliated with Bannson's Raiders, and the Purifier Pouncers Trinary from the Spirit Cats. On May 22, a new and mysterious force entered the fray, abducting Harwell and then vanishing.[52][53]

Shortly after, when Exarch Jonah Levin enacted the Fortress Republic plan, Wyatt was effectively left as an independent world.[40] By 3145, it had been incorporated into the Wolf Empire.[2]

Military Deployment[edit]


  • Eleventh Lyran Guards[57] (until October)[23]
  • Seventeenth Arcturan Guards[57] (until October)[23]


  • Seventeenth Arcturan Guards RCT[58]


  • Seventeenth Arcturan Guards RCT[59]


  • Seventeenth Arcturan Guards RCT[60]


It was a planet of deserts and strange rock formations, perfect for defensive purposes.[63]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Castle Roark: the main holding of the Roark family; a military outpost at heart, Castle Roark contained a command center used by the Roark family which was connected to the planetary militia defense network.[15]
  • Earhardt City: a city in the southern hemisphere[20]
  • Kinross[64]
    • Adriana Spaceport[64]
  • Libre Valley: site of an important battle during the Third Succession War[21]
  • Napier County: political region on Wyatt.[65]
  • Wyatt City: the planetary capital city and center of the planetary militia defense network[15]

Companies and Industries[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 68 systems (65 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Callison 8.2 Wing 8.4 Dubhe 8.4 Phecda 9.9
Alchiba 10.1 Chertan 10.4 Marcus 11.0 Milton 11.5
Alhena 16.4 Afleir 16.9 Zosma 17.2 Dieudonné 19.3
New Dallas 21.1 Shiloh 21.2 Alioth 23.7 Cor Caroli 24.3
Bordon 25.4 Gacrux 27.1 Castor 28.1 Aquileia 28.8
Denebola 30.2 Remulac 31.6 Mizar 31.6 Devil's Rock 31.8
Haddings 32.2 Connaught 34.6 Oliver 35.5 Zavijava 36.4
Pollux 36.4 Lipton 36.5 Catroxx 36.6 Alcor 38.0
Zaniah 38.8 Tabit 39.6 Savannah 40.2 Chara 40.8
Nathan 40.8 Kalidasa 41.2 Summer 41.3 Talitha 42.3
Menkent 42.6 Xi Ursae Majoris 43.1 Alphard 43.7 Graham 43.8
Galatea 44.5 Acubens 45.0 Muphrid 46.3 Thorin 46.7
Rochelle 47.1 Zollikofen 47.3 Van Diemen 47.9 Vindemiatrix 48.0
Syrma 48.4 Miaplacidus 48.8 New Hope 52.1 Irian 52.3
Algorab 52.5 Alkes 52.6 Hechnar 53.4 Solaris 55.1
Carsphairn 55.5 Tau Ceti 56.0 Adhafera 57.3 Zebebelgenubi 57.8
Tania Borealis 59.3 Pliska 60.3 Rocky 60.4 Skye 60.6


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