Eagle's Talons

Eagle’s Talons Battalion
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command FWLM

The Eagle's Talons was an elite Battalion-sized combined arms formation which serves as the personal unit of Captain-General of the Oriente Protectorate. The unit conducts special operations at the direction of the Captain-General.


In 3134, the Talons were based on the world of McKenna.[1] Talons were later deployed to strike and seize the world of Wyatt. They conducted their assault against the world in May of 3135, but the invasion failed due to the intervention of a Republic splinter group, the Spirit Cats. The unit did later successfully invade and conquer the former Republic of the Sphere world of Park Place.

The Talons were put under the command of Lady Nikol Marik in late 3136. Eagle's Talons were sent in a campaign to annex neighboring independent worlds near the borders of Oriente. By end of May of 3137, the Talons had annexed Asellus Australis, Oceana, and Angell II. The Talons' aerospace assets were later used to intercept Marik-Stewart Commonwealth reinforcements and keep them from reaching the besieged world of Marik. The Talons' main body arrived later in the Marik system in June. The unit discovered that the battle for the world had ended in victory for the Spirit Cats and their allies Clan Sea Fox. This left Oriente to lay "claim" to Marik as a Protectorate world.

In January of 3138, Force Commander Ivan Casson, Nikol Marik's executive officer was given command of the unit by Captain-General. Nikol Marik issued orders from Captain-General to conduct a raid on the Duchy of Andurien owned world of Kwamashu. They were to destroy a refurbished BattleMech assembly factory. The unit reconfigured itself with mostly BattleMechs with some armor infantry and armor units supporting it.

In February, the unit assaulted the Kwamashu city of Breezewood. The unit punched through the local defenders, which were providing heavier resistance than they had expected. The heavier assets of Charlie Company were slowed down by powerful Duchy combat units, which at the time were suspected to be regular army units.

Able and Baker company were configured to force push on without Charlie company and after encountering a series of traps, reached the assembly plant. Both companies were inflicted by with serious damage, which caused Force Major Casson to order his units into a fighting withdrawal. However as they had finally reached the factory, the complex suddenly was engulfed by a series of powerful explosions. Ordering a withdrawal, Casson is lost in the radioactive/toxic explosion along with the rest of the Talons.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Eagle's Talons
Force Commander Ivan Casson 3135[2]
Lady Nikol Marik 3136[citation needed]
Force Commander Ivan Casson 3138[3]



Composition History[edit]


Eagle's Talons (Battalion)

The unit's typical configuration is mixed, acombined arms formation with at least one company of BattleMechs, Armor vehicles, and Armored & unarmored Infantry. The unit deploys typically with three Union Class DropShips to move its assets.


The unit was never part of a parent formation for the Oriente Protectorate.


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