Lisa Koenigs-Cober

Lisa Koenìgs-Cober
Character Profile
Born 3026[1]
Affiliation ComStar
Position Primus of ComStar

Lisa Koenigs-Cober was a Com Guard officer who rose to become the Primus of ComStar, holding the position during Gray Monday.


Early life and Com Guard service[edit]

In 13 December 3057, Lisa Koenigs-Cober had a meeting with the Precentor Martial, Anastasius Focht on Terra. They talked about the fight between Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon. Focht excused the First Circuit's decision to don't renovate the contract with Brion's Legion, because one of his officers was in a relationship with Lisa. Focht also informed Lisa of his decision to depart Terra to deal with the Clans fight, leaving her as commander of the Terran Defense Force, and they talked about the possible threats to Terra's security.[2]

In January 3058, Lisa led a simulated battle against the replacements of the Legion, the mercenary Twenty-first Centauri Lancers, suffering a total defeat. She was very impressed by the Lancer's quality.[3]

The 28 February, he Word of Blake launched Operation ODYSSEUS. She narrowly escaped being killed in-flight when, after being summoned by the lancer's leader, a squadron of Lancer's Transit aerospace fighters attacked her True Word (DropShip) DropShip, but she ordered her lance to jump. Her 'Mech managed to land, though damaged. After joining with Demi-Precentor Stephen Crown, the only other survivor of her lance, both proceeded from the crash site overland to Hilton Head Island in time to attack the Lancer's armor which besieged the place and rescue the Primus Sharilar Mori and escape the captured world.[4] After escaping the Blakist's reinforcements, and escorting the Primus to Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht on Tukayyid, she made her report about the Blakists' activities and waited to be relieved.[1]

Instead, the Precentor Martial praised her actions and named her head of the Invader Galaxy, the Com Guards' newest division. Built entirely out of Clan salvage and staffed by the most wily and experienced officers in the Guard, it was designed to be the foil against which Focht would train the next generation of Com Guards to stop the resumed Clan Invasion. Despite her wishes to return to Terra and face the Blakists, she threw herself into the task of commanding the Invader Galaxy. [5][1]

Although her command ability was never in doubt, Precentor Koenigs-Cober surprised many over the next few years with her skills at diplomacy. As the 472nd Division cycled unit after unit through the Com Guard proving grounds on Tukayyid, she dealt with many different egos and opposing-force commanders, and proved that she could handle all of them with aplomb. That diplomatic skill, coupled with the maturity she showed in backing down from her obsession with returning to Terra, led many to speculate that the Precentor might be a fine Precentor Martial one day, although she was not chosen when Victor Steiner-Davion stepped aside to deal with his sister. [6][1][1]

Surviving the 472nd's destruction on Tukayyid in 3068 during the early years of the Jihad, unlike the bulk of the Com Guards, upon the disbandment and merger into the Republic of the Sphere armed forces Koenigs-Cober remained with the Order. Following the death of Primus Gavin Dow in 3091, the First Circuit selected Koenigs-Cober partly due to her efforts against the Blakists. [7]

Primus of ComStar[edit]

Little is known about Lisa Koenigs-Cober's reign as Primus, but evidence over the decades of her tenure show she was little more than a figurehead, with real power and control over the organization residing instead with the First Circuit and a select group of Precentors.[7]


Lisa's 'Mech, during Operation Odysseus, was a Quickdraw.[8]


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