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Iron Wind Metals, LLC (IWM) is an American manufacturer of miniature figurines. They are essentially the manufacturing portion of what was previously Ral Partha, Inc., without the trademark. Since 2014, Ral Partha is formally a Division of Iron Wind Metals. Ral Partha and IWM are notable for having produced a wide range of miniatures for Battledroids and BattleTech.

IWM, or its Ral Partha division, should not be confused with Ral Partha Europe which is now a distinct firm.


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Fan Financing and Crowdfunding[edit]

In 2013 Iron Wind Metals created a crowdfunding campaign to fund the development of molds for pewter miniatures of the Word of Blake's three Spectral LAMs which ran from January 26 2013 to March 13 2013, successfully raising $30,122 off a $25,000 goal.[1]