C3 slave unit


The C3 slave unit is the second part of a C3 network. Weighing a single ton[1] and carried by the members of a lance or company, when it links to a C3 command unit it can share targeting information with all of the units linked into the network. Without a C3 master unit, the C3 slave is useless.

The C3 system was introduced in 3050 by the Draconis Combine. It was initially an unpopular system there, as the bushido code many Combine warriors follow focuses on individual achievement rather than collective teamwork.[2] It has since spread to the other Inner Sphere houses, where it has gained much support.

The C3 slave unit was later used as the basis for several other C3 systems.[3] It cannot be mounted on any unit that carries a C3i computer.[2]

Related Equipment[edit]

The Federated Suns used the C3 slave unit to create their experimental C3 boosted slave.[3] This unit functions identically to the standard C3 slave unit, but is immune to most forms of ECM. The C3 boosted slave is compatible with the standard C3 networks, but weighs considerably more.


Game Rules[edit]

Covered in great detail on pages 131-133 of Total Warfare. Each C3 slave unit must point to a single C3 master unit.

The standard C3 slave unit weighs 1 ton and takes up a single critical slot.[1]

The C3 boosted slave takes up 2 critical slots and weighs 3 tons.[4] It is immune to all ECM, except the Angel ECM suite.[3] The C3 boosted slave normally operates with a C3 boosted master computer, but has been ruled compatible with unboosted C3 master systems.[5]


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