BattleTroops (Rulebook)

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Product information
Type Rulebook
Development Sam Lewis
Jordan Weisman
L. Ross Babcock III
Primary writing Sam Lewis
Pages 44
Cover artwork Tom Miller
Illustrations Joel Biske
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1637
First published 1989


The Battletroops Rulebook contains the guidelines that allow players to conduct infantry-based small unit actions in the BattleTech Universe of the pre-Clan Invasion era in the Inner Sphere. Focusing on small unit actions, the system bridges the gap between the MechWarrior/RPG 1st or 2nd edition and the BattleMech-based Classic BattleTech, it uses an original set of rules and deals with several situations allowing a good range of versatility.

The rules are divided in three broad stages, basic combat (only standard weapons and grenades) that allow battles between squads in different types of terrain and inside buildings. Optional rules that allow to incorporate special equipment such as area effect weapons (LAWs, SRM, Recoiless Riles), combat armor (not Battlearmor), support weapons and the way the troops interact with them it is perfectly possible to take your opponent's heavy weapons and use them against him) and finally and most interesting, the inclusion of vehicles and BattleMechs and their interaction with troops. from mounting/dismounting a vehicle, to infernos, to climbing a BattleMech and placing a satchel charge on the cockpit. A small brief on Inner Sphere platoon compositions round the contents.

The book is focused on events during the Fourth Succession War presenting four scenarios set during this era.

A sourcebook, Clan Troops, introduces new rules and their respective control counters and permits the use of Battle Armor, rafts, anti-BattleMech operations, artillery, clan weapon profiles update, errata and miniatures rules conversion (i.e. playing without a map). The scenarios depicted in Clantroops describe events during the Clan Invasion up to the Battle of Tukkayid.


    • Components
    • Counters
      • Stand-Up Figures
      • Firing Arcs
      • Hand Grenades
      • HE Impact
      • Breach
      • Rubble and Splinters
      • Flamers
      • 'Mech Weapons
      • Floor
      • Prone
      • Vehicle Template
      • 'Mech Template
      • Fallen 'Mech Template
    • Mapsheets
      • Buildings
      • Undergrowth
      • Trees
      • Contour Lines
    • Record Sheets
    • Dice
    • Mapsheet Layout
    • Filling Out the Record Sheet
    • Initiative Phase
    • Movement Phase
    • End Phase
    • Movement Points
    • Movement Costs
    • Stairways
    • Placement of Firing Arcs
    • Going Prone
    • Standing Up
    • Prepare Weapon/Grenade
    • Throw Grenade
    • Stacking
    • Firing Arc
    • Line-of-Sight
      • Terrain Elevation Death Zone
    • Ranged Combat
      • Base To-Hit Number
      • To-Hit Modifiers
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat
    • Resolve Attack
    • Damage
    • Damage Effects
    • Hand Grenades
      • Grenade Damage
    • Armor
    • Weapons
      • Exchanging Weapons/Ammo
      • Area-Effect Weapons
      • Support Weapons
    • Jump Troops
    • Leadership
      • Experience Level
      • Morale
      • Leaders
    • MechWarrior Integration
      • Weapon Conversion
    • BattleTech/CityTech Integration
      • Filling Out the 'Mech Record Sheet
      • Movement
      • Combat
      • Heat
      • Consciousness Rolls
      • Anti-'Mech Fire
    • Mines
    • Fire
    • Buildings
    • Vehicles
      • Movement
      • Combat
      • Riding Vehicles
      • Open Hatch
      • Crew Abandonment
    • Hidden Units
    • Vehicle vs. Vehicle or 'Mech Combat
      • Movement
      • Fire Combat
      • Physical Combat
    • Side Show
    • Dragon Hunting
    • Race Against Time