Therese Marik

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Therese Marik
Therese Marik
Also known asTherese Brett-Marik[1]
AffiliationHouse Marik
Title(s)Duchess of Tamarind
ParentsJanos Marik (father)[2][1]
Hilda Lauber (mother)[2]
Gerald III[2]
SpouseJeremy Brett[2][1]
ChildrenReginald Marik[2]
Photon Brett-Marik[2]

Therese Marik was the third child of Janos Marik and his first wife, Hilda Lauber.[2] Her elopement with Jeremy Brett caused a rift between with her father. It was not until Thomas Marik acceded to the Captain-Generalcy that she reconciled with her family. During the Jihad, Therese seceded the Duchy of Tamarind from the Free Worlds League.

She was known to enjoy falconry.[3]


Early Years[edit]

Therese was born on Paradise.[4] She was a good child, always obedient to her parents. Her father, Captain-General Janos Marik, wanted her to marry a prominent official within the Regulan Free States, Corbin Tkaczuk, to foster an alliance. She refused and, in her only act of rebellion, eloped with then-Captain Jeremy Brett. Brett was an artillery commander who was described as "handsome" and "dashing," but he was not the man her father wanted her to marry. Therese was publicly disowned by her father and Brett was cashiered.[4]

Therese Marik in 3067


Therese and her husband relocated to Khe Shang province on Tamarind. There, she became a staff officer with the Tamarind Defense Forces and he served as the commander for Khe Shang's static defenses. As early as 3025, Therese's "high virtues... endeared her to the populace."[4]

The early 3030s saw an insurrection on Tamarind. The democratically elected government of Prime Minister Otho Korituk was a disaster and the people had tired of it.[5] In 3035, Therese was elected governor of Tamarind.[6]

House Marik[edit]

After Thomas Marik became Captain-General in 3036 and the Andurien Crisis had ended, Therese was welcomed back into the family. She remained in relative obscurity, earning a reputation as "a skilled politician and administrator."[7] That changed when the Word of Blake unleashed their Jihad.


When the Word of Blake revealed that the man who was Captain-General was not, in fact, Thomas Marik but an impostor, Therese maintained her support of him.[8] Jeremy Brett released a statement on behalf of himself and his wife in June 3069 to that effect.[9] Therese hoped that her support would lead to a place in the succession for one of her sons.[6] A coup took place two months later that deposed "Thomas Marik" and placed Corinne Marik on the throne.[10]

With Paul Marik the apparent mastermind behind the coup and in collusion with the Word of Blake, Therese discussed declaring herself the rightful Captain-General as Janos Marik's oldest surviving child, preempting any attempt the real Thomas Marik might have made to claim the position.[11] On 19 November 3071, Therese made the simultaneous announcements that her husband had been assassinated by the Word of Blake (using Richard Steiner as a living bomb) and that she was declaring Tamarind's independence, with herself as Duchess. She installed her son Photon as military leader.[12][13][14] She largely remained out of League politics, though she did send her son Reginald to liaise with Devlin Stone.[6]

In January 3078, she sent a letter to Archon Adam Steiner pleading for peace since both powers were part of Stone's coalition against the Word of Blake.[15][16]


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